About the Author

So If you’re reading this, you’re, for some unexplained reason, interested about me.
Thank you kind sir or madam!

Well, first off, right now I’m a college student who gets bored every so often so I write in this.
I started this column(blog) because I might be interested in pursuing a career in Journalism. But I am not a Journalism major. So, if the occasion arises, I can show a future employer this.
Hopefully, I’ll get the job because of this.

So far I have only let a few people know about this because, when people think you write a blog, people think you’re a hipster, when people think you’re a hipster they avoid you, when people avoid you because they think you’re a hipster, you become a hipster. Don’t become a hipster. So I’ve only let a few people know about this.

I mean, that’s it I guess, I like sports and movies.


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