Why you should want the Celtics and Lakers to have an arms race

Good Evening, as Free Agency in 2020 ramps up or cools down depending on your market you should as an NBA fan or fan of the Boston/LA rivalry want one thing and one thing only. An arms race to the 18th Banner. Before we get started, we should take a moment to listen to today’s song of the day which will blend magnificently with the drink of the day (Brewery of the day).

The Los Angeles Lakers have won their 17th NBA Title matching that of the Boston Celtics for the league lead in championships. As a Celtic fan that should churn your stomach and make steam come out of your ears. Which ultimately should cause even further angst in the ownership and alumni of the Celtics. How can we let the Lakers have more trophies than us? And how in the F8** are we going to beat LA?

Enter Jayson Tatum, the 23 year old veteran who has shown the willingness, desire and tangibles to be a star just signed a 5 year extension for the Celtics, however the title hopes don’t look too bright even with Tristan Thompson signing. The Lakers are complete with a proven championship roster, an all world center who can ball handle and – oh yeah – the King. So by the time the Celtics young gun is up for another extension he will probably be wanting to chase a title of which the Lakers may have very well added on several more.

What should happen is the accumulation of talent to match the Lakers at every turn, a la the Red Sox/Yankees battles for free agents in the early 2000’s. The Celtics seem to be content with watching their reign as lifetime Champs of the NBA pass them by. The Celtics need to face the Lakers in the Finals several times in the next several years or else Boston will fall off to mediocrity that they became in the 1990s/2000s. The ’08 Big 3 Era and Danny Ainge fleecing the NBA shouldn’t be enough to hang our hats on much longer.

The Lakers, The Clippers, Denver, Miami, Golden State, The Raptors and even the 76ers and Nets are closer to the next title than the Celtics are as currently constructed. The coach is either coaching the players to play iso-ball or the players are taking it into their own hands year after year. The Celtics have come so close for many years now and something is bound to change. Boston is resting on their laurels of the ‘hot coach’ from a March Madness long ago. Their is no real veteran who commands the room, has the voice to get in the younger players faces and say ‘follow me I’ll will us to victory’ – what you have is Marcus Smart who is more of the older kid in the neighborhood who is going to talk sh%t and thinks he knows best, Tristan Thompson who is new to the room and has plenty of skeletons in his closet and a bunch of role players, how are they going to lead the two Prodigal Sons in Tatum and Brown who are more intellectual basketball players than any of the above mentioned veterans? (Run on sentence… sorry) I’ve long wanted a “Kendrick Perkins type” player who isn’t going to allow nonsense and bickering in the locker room and I hope that Thompson can become that. I hope that Kemba heals up, Tatum takes the reins on this offense and can dominate the rest of the league like he did to some dude here.

I got chills picturing that in a future with Banner 18 on the line. All frustrations put aside I’m excited for the moves the front office has made and I’m ready to watch Tatum take another leap forward and for the Celtics to be the first organization to 20 Banners.

A Short Movie Review – The Legend of Cocaine Island

Switching gears up today with a movie review on The Legend of Cocaine Island, the movie can be found on Netflix. I bet you can guess what the song of the post is at this point! The drink of the post is not at all pairing well with this mood but is however, something everyone should try for themselves.

Now onto the movie review, the interesting title, story and people all fit into one state specifically, Florida. We get introduced to the characters all in a fast, manic fashion while briefly explaining the story of a man named Julian who miraculously found a bag containing 70 pounds of cocaine in Puerto Rico some years ago. The intros and title flash and then we are taken to a different man, Rodney Hyden a portly, jolly, hardworking family man. Not to be confused with Mike of Mike and Molly. However the story becomes sweet and yet oddly materialistic as the story of the Hyden’s progresses.

Then we are recounted briefly with the great recession of 2008 and like many Americans, the Hyden’s were effected greatly. Their Floridian picturesque life was shattered at Rodney is found one MILLION dollars in debt, however their safe haven is a farm that is in the middle of Florida, where nothing could ever go wrong. The locals typically gather once a week, get loaded up and swap stories around a campfire. This is where the legend of cocaine island is told by the Shoeless-Joe Julian to anyone and everyone who will listen. Laughing and nodding along are the neighbors who simply think that Julian is just senile and full of it, there are a few that believe it is real and exist.

This is where Rodney meets his cronies, neighbors and the Kid Rock wannabe Andy. Andy is the local vagrant who will smoke, snort or pop anything in sight but his loyal to Rodney. They gloss over the details of why they bonded other than for Rodney’s entertainment factor. The two begin a friendship and then after years and years of listening to Julian’s story they begin to hatch a plan to find the 70 pounds of cocaine.

The Legend of Cocaine Island is a movie about the exploits of a desperate family man, the idolized DEA and a whole lot of “well this did take place in Florida.” I think it’s worth a watch if you’re looking to enjoy the interesting film work by Theo Love.

The over-dramatized ‘documentary’ with Tiger King undertones gets a 3.1 out of 5 Lagers in my rankings.

Cam They Do It?

Obviously I am heated like the rest of you on the Celtics loss in game 1. I will recap that tomorrow. For now we are focusing a short post on Cam Newton and the Patriots new look offense, however for now the song of the post, pairing greatly with the drink of the post.

Sure, the overall score looked closer than we would like, however the Patriots’ retooled offense led by Cam Newton was very encouraging. The mix of the runs, the passes, the options and the corral of running backs leads me to believe that they can be a dangerous attack. As they say, give it time, like novocaine it always works. This offense had a look that can confuse defenses and still switch it up with more time and more practice reps.

One thing I want to highlight is the balance of their running backs. Each running back had over 20 yards and they all provided different looks at each level in addition to Cam’s 75 yards on the day in a league that was trending towards speed and pass coverage Belichick and McDaniels saw what Derrick Henry provided last winter and took note. There is only 1 Derrick Henry, but there are several capable running backs on the Pats that they have been hoarding now for years. With Brady it had to be pass-first, now with Newton and the mercenary like contract he is seeking next year, the coaches are able to make him look like an all world talent again, while establishing a fresh scheme for years to come.

All of this build up is to say this; they are going to be even better once Damien Harris returns. The rookie last year was stashed on the squad to learn the playbook, gain composure, work on ball security and in a way – stay away from Brady. Brady is known to spoil on rookies early and often and once spoiled in the TB12 fridge, you get thrown out. However in this offense, Harris has a chance, a chance to grow, run with speed downfield and catch the ball out of the back field. The latter of which is something he’s been touted for since training camp in 2019. The 5’11,” 214 pound running back runs downfield hard and coming out of the backfield next to a 6’5″ Cam Newton will have defensive backs shaking in their socks.

That man following a brick wall in Jakub Johnson, combined with the consistency of James White, the known commodity of Sony Michel, the hints of Rex Burkhead, the elusiveness of the young J.J. Taylor; and the ever present threat of a Jet-Sweep from Edelman, Byrd, or Oleszewski is going to be a conundrum for defensive coordinators to cover. N’Keal Harry had that fumble the only way a turnover was okay because he was fighting to score, but that’s something that Bill will coach out. That kid can BALL. And while we’re at it, the rookie Tight-Ends are going to learn the offense, and round into their 2nd and 3rd round talent. Devin Asiasi can be consistent and a mid field threat and we’re talking a multi-faceted offense that is deep at all levels. If Dalton Keene becomes the George Kittle (Greg) type of sicko that some people think he can be, than boy oh boy watch out.

This is all wishful thinking because it is only week 1, and football is a long season and a war of attrition; however I am confident that this group that the Patriots have built up can be fun and difficult to contain. The post-Brady era looks like this and Belichick likes to find value at every position, so even if Cam Newton moves on, there is always a QB in the later rounds of the draft you can find. If only he had drafted Malcolm

This has been a Pro Damien Harris Post. Thanks for reading.

Song and Drink Pairing 9.15.2020

Today’s pairing is crisp, light and have a little bit of bite, together The New Day by Great Van Fleet and UFO – White go together like a hot summer’s night and crickets. The light citrus-y taste perfectly carries your tongue as Josh Kizska’s voice flitters through the melody of this tune.

Greta Van Fleet always harmonizes very well and takes you to a new day and this song is no different. With crisp drum lines, and strumming guitar you get brought to the feelings of a nostalgic new beginning, which sounds contradiction, but you get brought back to the years you enjoyed yet still feel new in your heart. For me, it’s driving off with the car I bought from my parents after returning from basic training, which despite it’s wear and tear (love and travels) still feels good to get roaring and on a good road trip. Or it brings me back to memories from last weekend of bringing my 10 month old puppy disc golfing for the first time. For each their own new day when they tune into this song.

UFO – White is, well… it’s crisp. (Perhaps its the Celtics loss in game 1… that’s got me down on this beer) You take the first sip and you just want so much more, the wannabe Allagash White, takes its best crack at producing the amazing flavor that Allagash nails, but then takes the fun out of it. There’s no notes that jump out at you and make you think ‘oh that’s a good beer’- this one is just okay and honestly there’s a reason it was cheap in the keg and you see college kids trying this as their first ‘knowledgeable beer.’ I am in no sense a beer snob, I am gearing up to have a weekend away with Miller Lite and I will love every second of it, but UFO – White is simply that, Miller Lite with a slight citrus twinge. Either way okay beer is good beer and this one is crisp, yet not fulfilling.

Don’t be too down though, have another sip, hum along to the song and to your health, cheers!