Eh, What’s Up Doc?

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We had the trade, then we didn’t, we had hope, then David Stern, we had a future… aaaaaaaand its gone.

and_it_s_gone_by_celeith-d5div3yThe Doc to LA trade is officially dead, and so is the Celtics’ franchise.

I am so pessimistic about this non-deal that it isn’t an opinion to me. To me, it’s a fact that the Celtics’ will never get banner 18. They sure as hell won’t with these players, without Doc as a coach, while I’m still adamant about being a fan. The franchise is dead, face it.

The deal that would’ve brought a young center and a few draft picks fell through and now we have…. Fab Friggin’ Melo. The draft is garbage players this year and unless we trade to get a possible lottery pick next year I don’t see talent coming to Boston wearing green soon.

The Celtics are going to be stuck in the 30-40 win cycle because they don’t quite suck and will always be 7-8-9 in the standings and won’t get lottery talent. Unless of course Stern wants to win a great, original, fanbase back by ahem rigging the draft. Such was the case for New York for Patrick Ewing.

Then again Boston could host the All-Star game in the future and have the people and fans win over the players. That is if we don’t heckle the shit out of Lebron or Kobe. We are the most passionate fans in all of the Nation. Fact.

The Celtics have lost their window and should’ve taken a simple trade to get rid of KG and get Jordan, forget about Doc, just get that contract out of here.

One other option is bring back Doc, trade Rondo and sign CP3. He wants to be with Doc, so hey, make a go for it.


Team Orange

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Say hello to Exeter Summer League’s newest coach!

I got invited to be asst. coach to my brothers’ summer league team.

Little league, everyone does it but not everyone is good. When I was in early in LL I was the only kid that could catch fly balls, so they put me in the outfield. Then they caught on when I would wear my Nomar shirt to practice everyday that I was a shortstop. I played there but couldn’t hit for shit. I blame my coach, Coach Giles. He would yell at you if you couldn’t hit. Ex-marine turned father who would yell at you if you made a mistake. The one good thing about him was him yelling at his goofy youngest son who ran like a moose and whined like Lebron.

I stayed at shortstop until I was supposed to ahem… “grow” but didn’t really. 6208_102845026392975_7050431_nThen I switched to hitting lefty and could finally hit the outfield. Then I was the ultimate team player, from outfield to second base I had the team covered. Hitting in the 1, 2, 8, or 9 spots I would battle my way on. Once I was on second base was mine. Then I’d stay there because my teammates’ ineptitude.

All that’s in the past and I won’t be batting behind Nomar anytime soon so that dream has come and gone. Baseball now for me comes in either beer league softball, on television or coaching little league.

I’ve coached one other team (also for my bros) before, last time however I was the fifth coach of five. I was just there for the books. That was the coldest baseball season ever.

This time will be better, my brothers can hit, their friends can hit and my brothers are the fastest kids on the team. Fact. I’m looking forward to it, I know I can’t wait to have the opportunity to coach my kid. I have it all planned out. There had better be a draft.

If there is you take strictly good pitchers. Fielding can be taught, pitching can’t. Hitting comes naturally. I’d rather have 8 pitchers on a 13 kid roster than 7 catchers. I mean really you should start with a good catcher, but at the younger ages, it’s tough to find the next Pete Rose.

I’ll let you know how the season goes and when the victory parade cookout is.


+That’s me circa ’09.