Win The Series and Fall Into a Rut: What Not To Do in the Offseason

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Not even a week removed from the superb Sox World Series win, we have reached the simmering of the hot stove. Rumors already bouncing in here, there and everywhere.

The latest and most disturbing to me is the Brian McCann rumor. He and his agent have already started to muse about Fenway and its faithful fans, some Sox representatives have mentioned his name in passing. STAY AWAY! I’ve heard he’s asking for 3-5 years for upwards of 40 million guaranteed.

Have we learned nothing? Stay away. You have 2 serviceable catchers between Ross and Lavarnway, plus a few prospects in the system at the catcher position. We set forth last offseason straying from the big, bloated contracts as well as building from within; why falter from that plan?

I’m not even a fan of bringing back the same team as last year. Yes, the pieces you must bring back can stay there; however the 2013 Red Sox should remain that, the bearded heroes who brought a city back to Boylston Street.

No Salty, no Drew, no Ellsbury, and Napoli may be an exception for a 1 year deal. If we try to bring back the same team we will only be disappointed and let down. The team will compete no matter what and the Sox will be in the hunt but there is no need to repeat history. The free agent market is bleak this year and I think the fans would be perfectly content standing pat, as it were. The city and the fans fell in love with this team; and it seems as though the ownership did even more to the point where it might cripple your chances going forward.

Build from within and extend the players before they reach free agency. We have a great farm system.


This One Time at Seguin’s House

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What a long strange trip it’s been since I last wrote a post. I mean 10 days ago? Holy shirts and shoes.

Well, what didn’t happen in the sporting world? Jeez there was a lot that went down since I took my holiday hiatus. Wind the clock back and you’d see that the Stanley Cup Just ended, we all still had Hernandez jerseys, the Celtics didn’t have 9 picks in 5 years, and the Red Sox weren’t…. yes they were in first place. That hasn’t changed.

I’ll start there. The Red Sox, first place Red Sox, wow it’s nice to say that again. Top of the league in almost every team category; they are the little team that could. Sure, at the current moment they have been skidding a bit, however they are on the West Coast road trip. That always kills them. Plus their best pitchers are hurt or cautious.

The Sox will be interesting to watch, as they have all season, but this year they are never the favorite. No way, no how.

We all counted them out, and for good reason, I mean????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????…. Look.

But we did in ’04, and that team was more thrown together than this one. I’m not saying they will win the World Series, the NL is too strong, I am saying that they are going to contend every team they face for a win.


Well, the least fun story to talk about is on tap next.

The New England Patriots, oh how we loveth thee. Whether you are an opposing fan, or a hometown boy they are an interesting topic. As an away fan you want to hate on them as though they slept with you mother and sister then laughed about it. As a townie you root for them ’til pigs fly.

Away fans cannot deny the fact that they are the classiest franchise on the planet right now. They are buying back their mistake’s jersey and burning them for you. You pick a new jersey as long as your bring in the one of the team murderer.

As for the future season, it is about to be time to talk about them nonstop. In Brady we trust on offense, and fingers crossed for defense. That’s the motto recently. I’m fine with Gronk not being 100% until sometime in November because that’s when we need our offense to get strong, then for him to hit his stride come February.


I’ll go with the Celtics here, because look at that hair. spt_2_olynyk_pic_t575

Last I wrote about them we had two if not three Hall Of Famers on the team. Then Danny dropped the ball and executed a great trade for the future team.

After drafting Kelly Olynyk in the draft Ainge made a call to shape the Celtics for years to come. They sent Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry to the Nets for garbage and 3 picks in 5 years.

This may not be a good thing for some fans because they want to win and want to win now. However, the Celtics ABOSU-friggin-LUTELY need to be in the lottery this year. I don’t care how or why they do it, just get to the lottery boys. I feel that the luck will be upon them if they get there. Brad Stevens better play it right.

Not only is the top pick as coveted as LBJ, but the consolation prizes are also decently talented. My plan, which I hope you’re all on board with is to tank this year. Either sit Rondo for a year or trade him at the deadline, then get Wiggins as the first pick, him becoming Kobe, and McHale and getting back on track, then in 2018 get the Nets lottery pick for the Pippin to Wiggins’ MJ.


The NHL’s runner up, Boston Bruins have some explaining to do.

Fine, Horton walked, and yeah Ference had younger competition with better upside, but Seguin could’ve warranted a better return at say the trade deadline?

However, that’s past us and now we finally have a talented top six instead of a decent top nine. I mean yeah I liked Seguin’s potential, but that’s all it seemed like it was, potential. Perhaps it was the system, his work ethic or the millions of women in the greater Boston area that wanted him (plus entry to any bar and get out of jail free cards); that caused the trade that will shape the NHL.

I don’t see why it will be a bad trade, basically getting similar numbers and some prospects. I’m excited about the prospects, one of them, Morrow, will fit nicely in with the rest in 2-3 years. He’s a bigger sized Bartkowski. Morrow, Krug, Bartkowski, Hamilton will be a top 5 D in the NHL in 5 years. Mark. My. Words.

Then we signed Iginla, WOW!!! I mean I’m still bitter about this winter’s tease but now I’m fine that we didn’t have to give up prospects. Next thing on the list is to sign Rask and then extend Bergeron.

I’m feeling the decade of dominance will be extended a few more years.


+Revs are doing well

Time for the Tebow Train

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Well Tim Tebow is a Patriot. They are full of everything, legendary QB in Tom Brady, backups, potentially great wide receivers, 3-4 tight ends capable of getting the job done, and a few runningbacks that can grab necessary yards. That rounds out the offense, and on defense they are young and unproven, and will shortly be a great defense in the NFL. They have all you need in a team.

The grizzly mastermind of a head coach. The handsome leader in their QB. The party animal tight end. The offensive line that are a bunch of rednecks. Some thugs on defense and vice versa with a few of the players. And now they have preacherman Tim Tebow.

So what don’t the Patriots have here in 2013?

A ring to match.

The Patriots are going all in with Tebow. Now they can roll out the wildcat or pistol if they need to. Tebow at QB, with Hernandez in the trigger  position, and Ridley, Vareen, or Bolden split out wide. Defenses look out, coaches hold your headsets, the Patriots got a new offensive weapon. They can use him to block, they can use him to hold kicks, they can use Tim to catch a pass, who knows they could use him on the D-line.

One thing that is sure is that Bill Belichick will whip him back up into shape and get his mind off the feet of Rex Ryan. Belichick has done a move like this before, and it hasn’t paid off yet.

He hates the New York teams. One of them is annoying and thinks they are always better than the Pats and the other one just is better than them. The Patriots nabbed Jake Ballard off waivers after he scored on them in the Super Bowl a few years ago. Ballard was injured and it is “taboo” for a team to pick up an injured player off waivers. The Patriots did and Belichick was the mastermind. He will beat the Giants using Ballard.

Now with Tebow, they will do the same, they will roll him out there to get booed and absolutely destroy the Jets defense. Or he will sack Mark Sanchez.

Belichick doesn’t make time for anybody. Not even Tebow time.


112 Reasons to leave New England


This next post is hosted by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis- White Walls.

This post, note that I am writing this at 6:45 PM ET; is about the NFL Free Agency period.

Welker left New England. Welker left New England.


I’m mad too Bill….

It’s still sinking in. I feel fine with this, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Welker, maybe it was something like jealousy because I’m the same size as him or something. Or how I could’ve caught that pass in Super Bowl XLVII. Seriously, for a player who catches 110+ passes a year, how do you drop the biggest play of your career?

It was in your sticky gloved hands! How do you drop that????

I’m not professional, clearly, but I doubt I’d drop that, with or without gloves. If you have two hands on it you DO NOT drop the ball. Thanks a lot A-Hole! Should’ve shot A-Rod! 

Now he signed with the Broncos. The Patriots biggest threat in the AFC, now that the Ravens are dropping out of the sky. He took a pay cut that the Patriots probably would’ve been able to reach and bring him back. He did a ballsy thing though, a power move for lack of a better term. He say eff you to the Patriots and signed with the biggest rival the Patriots have: A Manning brother.


7:45 PM ET:

The Patriots have reached an agreement with Danny Amendola. Who if you look into it has similar numbers to pre-Patriots, Welker. Coincidence  I think not.

Bill-Belichick-Lets-PartySo now it was more like a “f*ck you” to Welker. Bill Belichick works in mysterious ways. Now I just hope they get aggressive with the defensive uphall.

Pollard, the Patriot Killer, is available. Just saying. He would be a nice addition to a safety group that needs some swagger.  I feel he might go to the Jets because Rex Ryan will do anything to injure anything Patriots.

LaRon Landry is available at safety too, and everyone loves a guy named Landry. (Friday Night Lights joke)

Ed Reed who Bill and Brady both are terrified of and respect so highly should try to covert him into coming to Foxboro. He’d add the leadership that they need on that side of the ball.

Also they need to get cornerbacks, and now is the time for that. With strong classes in free agency and in the draft it seems great for the Patriots to have their cap room.

My favorite plan would be let Arrington walk, get 2 out of the 3: Talib, Asomugha or Sean Smith; and with 2nd or 3rd round pick sign the honey badger. The honey badger, Tyranne Matheiu would take place of Arrington and, in my opinion terrorize Welker when we play the Broncos. Nothing better than some revenge.

Also they should have 2 first round picks because of the Welker signing. I think if they could trade up to get Tavon Austin, a wonderful replacement for Welker, and faster, that’d be just great.


+ Darruis Heyward-Bey is available and Tom Brady could make his once good potential shine

+ Laurent Robinson is also an interesting WR choice that has been cut

+ If the PAtriots are desparate they could sign Victor Cruz or David Nelson at a cost of a draft pick

> But they could be a good “receiver x”

+Greg Jennings?

That Was Fast


Drunken Sailor by The Irish Rovers to get you going.

So after watching SportsCenter this morning, apparently the Ravens have been asking for Anquan Boldin to take a paycut so they can contend this year. He hasn’t said much besides, no I’m not taking a pay cut. But Joe Flacco, the richest NFL player is talking. A lot.

flacco mustache Joe Flacco needs to cool his jets, honestly dude. Good for you and your MVP and new contract, but cool it skippy. So after declaring his greatness this past summer and we all laughed at him and made fun of him; he and more importantly his defense and his running backs and his wide receivers won the Super Bowl.

No doubt you need a good quarterback to make these fall in place, but Joe Flacco didn’t do everything for the franchise, like he’d have you believe. His receivers, Anquan Boldin, Jacoby Jones and Torrey Smith all were huge this year. Not to mention Drew Pitta can smash people when he catches the ball. Oh and hey diddle diddle, Ray Rice up the middle. Joe, you can throw the ball far, and that’s good and all, but the skill position players on your team did it all.

I’m going to look at the 2 games they played against the Patriots this year as my samples. Well, those were the only ones that I saw the Ravens play. In the first game Torrey Smith and a “missed” field goal, with replacement refs on the field, the Ravens won. Torrey Smith, played a h&ll of a game in the wake of his brother’s death. He was playing for his brother, and Joe Flacco can throw the ball far. That’s pretty much how they won that game.

Pretty sure they lost the next 4 by the way.

Then came the playoffs and the Ravens were just riding upon Ray Lewis’ deer antler spray and his retirement tour. Yes, the Ravens played well against the Patriots, the unhealthy Patriots, as they hired Satan’s assistant, Bernard Pollard to re-injure Gronk. Then they also had him concuss Stevan Ridley. And Anquan Boldin played out of his mind. Joe, what did you do? Threw it higher than the Patriots CBs could jump. I can do that.

Where’s my money?

Ok those are what I’m a little bitter about. However, I am mad that Joe Flacco is already talking this much smack. First about Boldin, and he also dissed Ray Lewis. The greatest linebacker of all time. Yes, Lewis’ pregame activities were out there. And yes they made people laugh but you don’t say that 2 months after he helped you win a Super Bowl and was a teammate of yours for your entire career. It’s disrespectful and is ultimately just stupid of someone with Joe Flacco’s status to say.

I just don’t like Joe Flacco. I hope that Bernard Pollard is on the other team one of these days and does one of these  things to him.


+I think I might have said something good about Joe Flacco once, and predicted the Patriots down fall to them, only a year earlier.

– The 2nd to last paragraph.

The One Where: Your Move Little Man


Matt Forte and Ray Rice signed deals. So who’s next?

Is it the Patriots Wes Welker?

I hope not.

Woah! You might have just thought. I’m serious though we can’t have a liability like him on our team. Yes, he’s been the best slot receiver in the world since 2007, but he’s too risky. If there’s one thing we know about the Patriots its that they aren’t a risky team.

They don’t go balls to the wall, unless necessary. If we’re up by 17 in the third quarter; it’s Hoyer-time!

We are a careful team, and unless Kraft signs Welker to anything more than a 2 year deal, then we know the old man is off his rocker (that viral video reference).

Welker just needs to understand the organization’s point of view. They love him (except his lack of a ring) and the fans love him too, but there comes a time when even the biggest hero needs to step away. Welker, after this year is that time.

There are many reasons for that, besides what I’ve mentioned, the Patriots are moving on.

They’re are doing exactly what they need to in order to continue as a dominant team in this league. Their defense is young and on the rise. They have two young quarterbacks trying to burst into NFL action; only thing stopping them is Mr. Tom Brady, the most elite QB on the field right now. Plus we have two young tight-ends who barring injuries, are going to be dominant in years to come. They also have gotten a deep threat in Brandon Lloyd who is what we need. Not to mention the two youthful running-backs that have plenty of potential to carry the load while a younger QB tries to occupy Brady’s shoes when he is gone. Also a young mentoring offensive coordinator, soon (3-4 years) to be head coach who is familiar with the system and the organization, who will follow in Belichick’s great ways.

Sorry Welker, you don’t look like you are in our future plans. So, are you gonna hold out? or be a “good little foot soldier” and play your ass off for your next contract.

Prove us wrong little guy.


I’m the same height as him so what I call “little” is really just eye to eye for me.

Also don’t be an ass after this year and sign with the Jets. Just saying.