Doc, Seriously?

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Doc Rivers wants out, Garnett will waive the no-trade clause, the Clippers want Doc and are willing to trade a young center to the Celtics.

What’s wrong with that?

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Things are shaping up and heating up as well. The Celtics’ Coach Doc Rivers has said through sources that he wants change. I say give him a change! Send him to the Clips! Doc, Garnett and Pierce for Jordan, Bledsoe or Green and a few draft picks. No brainer! Make that deal! Hell, throw Jason Terry in there too! Danny Ainge needs to get this done.

I like Doc and the gang but I think this is a bit too much. I mean with all this drama the other players in the Celtics organization are hearing about it and might not have the same respect toward Doc. It’s almost like the Brett Favre fiasco a few years ago. Doc isn’t saying anything and is letting all this snowball. If he instead of his “sources” would come forward and say “I want out” or “I’m here to stay” this story would be non-important. Instead it’s getting heated and Doc is sitting there waiting for some sort of conclusion without any say in the matter.

The Celtics need to cut ties and move past the big three era. I hate to say it but its the truth. Pierce can stay if possible, but Doc, ya gotta go.

Just the thinking that the Celtics are thinking about this makes my mouth water. Four draft picks in two years, Rondo, Bradley, Green, Sullinger and Jordan as the starting five, Lee, Melo and Bledsoe off the bench. What more could we want?

***Clippers are “backing out” of the Rivers interest pool, Celtics are asking too much. I say we don’t even need to add Bledsoe in the deal, just Jordan and 2 picks.

Remember the last Bledsoe in New England?