Ouch Jon.

Song of the post: Blank Space by (the one and only) TAYLOR SWIFT

We’ve all heard, and this may be late to the show but Jon Lester is a Chicago Cub. despicable-me-minions-whaaaat-aczfexuc

Jon Lester is gone. He is in the less hated pinstripes and on the up and coming Cubs. Theo Epstein and his “prospects” were more than the Red Sox and their stacked offense and the offer to be the next legend.

Alas it was not enough, and just like that the Cubs are soon to be contenders. My hate for them grows and I’ve said it before but I never want to witness the Cubbies win it. Steve Bartman you are my hero.

We turn the page and look at the strange roster that belongs to Ben Cherington and John Farrell. What are they to do with their minimal pitching? Who is available to sign? How do we fix this?

First, they need an ace, preferably through free agency. Which narrows it down to James Shields and Max Scherzer. Scherzer looks like a Yankee, and he’s asking for 200 million. I think he is out. James Shields, as I think I’ve mentioned before would be the best fit on this Sox team. He can be an ace while our farm system blossoms into great pitchers. I want him and I want him now.

If they cannot obtain an ace through free agency they must turn the tables with trades. No one is safe. The Sox need an ace and they should stop at nothing to get one, one that is young and will actually give them years and productivity if they were to trade Bogaerts, or Betts, or even Pedroia with Cespedes. I said it. Pedroia could be out of town, if they desperately need a young stud pitcher. 201310011529557518686

However, they should lay out the money for Shields and then trade a one-for-one with Cespedes and any of the number of pitchers attached to his name; Cueto, Latos, etc.

Two pitchers and then the Red Sox should stand pat. Keep this roster until NEEDS arise.

Assuming they get the “correct” pitchers in FA and trade market their rotation would look something like:

James Shields
Joe Kelley
Rubby de la Rosa
Clay Bucchholz-Webster-[Prospects]

With the lineup they are throwing out there that is more than formidable enough to contend. Not to mention many players on the roster will be protected by the other members of the lineup and are due for bounceback seasons.

All in all, the Lester loss is baffling, could’ve been avoided and needs to be addressed.


+Not to mention that the way he left was exactly how he said he wouldn’t leave. He said something along the lines of “what’s 20 million when on a scale that large?”

+ Red Sox- 6 years and $135
+Cubs 6/7 years and $155/170

+Hypocrite, liar, and I’ll deeply think about my fanship if the Red Sox honor him before the next 20 years is up.

+Bobby V’s fault.



This is the Tale of Captain Jack Sparrow

Pirate Flag by Kenny Chesney or Jack Sparrow by Lonely Island?

As far as I can remember I’ve thought pirates were the coolest. Actually that’s not true, I also think wizards, jedis, adventurers, spies, and crusaders are the coolest.

But after seeing the latest assassin’s Creed trailer, I have rekindled the flame that is my appreciation for pirates. And there’s another thing.

The other day the guys and I went out to luch at a burger place and then wanted a “scenic” route back home. Sounds gay, it’s not. So we drive down this road and see where it takes us, and we come to this pull off that leads us to a pebble filled beach and this:

securedownload (1)

An abandoned ship, cracked open on the side, and full of driftwood. My friend and I hiked up the side and ended up hanging out there for a little bit. It was really cool and was one of those random things that make this world interesting.

However, the story gets more interesting than just hanging around a shipwreck. There was a phone number written on the side in sharpie. One of my friends texts it- “found your boat”

A few hours go by and he notices he has a message from that number. The message says, “I see you’ve found my boat. I’m in Texas right now, but you can talk to me about buying the boat. Right now its for free, but you can call me for details.”

Needless to say my friend calls the guy back, because who wouldn’t want a boat? I feel stupid for not being the one to take the initiative.  I would love to have  boat, especially one that looks like that. I think it’s really cool!

If I was the one to “buy” the boat, I might not even want the boat to be able to float. The pictures don’t show it but one side is completely open. I would just want to fix it up and make it similar to the older brother’s hangout spot in rocket power.


I would fix it up a little bit, make it like a hangout spot for any passerby and homeless people to hangout and drink rolling rock in. Unless I got a house with land and then put it on my property and then make it a man cave. Either way I think it’d be in his best interest to fix it up a little. Right now he’s got as much of a boat as Captain Jack Sparrow in the second scene of the first movie.

It’d be pretty cool to own a boat at all, even a crashed one like that.


+ I started writing this before we found the ship, and then it turned into this.

+Harry Potter

+ Star Wars

+ Lord of the Rings

+ James Bond

+ Indiana Jones