Guilty Guilty Guilty

Song of the post: Heads Will Roll A-Trak Remix

Hernadez is guilty, no one should stick up for him. If he was innocent he definitely wouldn’t have looked so calm in cuffs at the courthouse. He is a thug and not in the cool way, he’s a bad person and I don’t see him as a Patriot anymore.

He clearly never thought once, and was just plain stupid to go in the steps he went in. Yes, its killer 101 to kill someone who is talking about a crime that you were part of. However, as a high profile person you don’t do it yourself. And if you do it yourself don’t leave the body in a 50 mile radius of where you live, let alone a half mile radius.

I’m glad the Patriots cut him and I think it doesn’t damage their image at all. Yes the Patriots were the only team he played for and yes he’s a New England kid, raised in Bristol. And yes, because he lived in New England and was close to his thug childhood friends may have all added up to this; but the Patriots are not an organization that allows this behavior. They don’t harbor this behavior and playing there is like being in jail anyway, don’t talk, just say yes to warden Belichick.

The Patriots cut ties with Hernandez, and said all the right things. They also gave A-A-ron a place to seek refuge and be a better person. He hid it all so well from us. Who knows if he would have with the Raiders, Ravens or Lions?

We didn’t see this coming and there’s no chance it tarnishes the Patriot way or legacy.

Especially if they get another ring.