The Library

Suggested Listening- Amazing by Kanye West
Haven’t heard this in a long time.

UPDATED Suggestion: Otto Knows- Million Voices
I had fun this weekend because of this song. But then… other shit.

I’m at the library right now, and obviously I’m procrastinating. But I’m fine with it, because I have to write a lot tonight. That meaning, I can ramble on and on here and get my mind flowing, get a good playlist pumping and then hit it home when the lights here start to flicker out. tumblr_lqsqhb9bMy1qa2kv9o1_500_large

The library is actually a wonderful place, although some people don’t agree with me, it is a great sanctuary where I can get work done. If I ever found enough time I would explore libraries and try to learn.

But, ain’t nobody got time for that.

Instead we here at UNH have time to drink, day drink, night party, light couches on fire, get in fights, punch walls, yell at people you don’t mean to and awkwardly apologize in the morning.

Anyway, the library…

I actually get work done at the library, this post is an exception. I will get more done in 2-3 hours here than I would 24 hours in my dorm room, or house, or classroom. There’s something bout it that soothes me and makes my fingers type faster and my brain think better.

Ok, time to crack to it.


+ My playlists are usually found on– I just use the Rage category, it works