Lazier than Manny Ramirez on a Grounder to Short

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Apologies mean close to nothing in today’s world, and I have few avid followers of this blog to write one here. However, I have been busy with plenty of new responsibilities this semester, which speak to my absence on here.

So, as I try to escape studying, and writing papers, I stumbled back upon this hobby of mine.

Since my last post, the New England Patriots have not lost, Tom Brady is funkier than ever and Gronk has turnt up like we all know he can do. Since my last post, the Red Sox are no longer defending Champions, they are chasing free agents with promises and North End’s finest cuisine. Since my last post, the Bruins have started the season the way they should have, losing half their D-corps.

Now to elaborate on each of those topics:W1ST9658.JPG

The Patriots 8-2 on the year, and 6-0 since Kansas City, are in the driver’s seat of the AFC. They look well on their way to title 4. As I alluded to earlier Tom is playing at a ridiculous level for an over the hill QB. The O-line remembered that they’re protecting the greatest QB to play the game. The receivers have finally run the correct routes, and we still have two young guys who haven’t quite broken the starting 11 (Dobson, Tyms). The running game is looking as good as they can without Stevan Ridley, RIP. Bill is coaching out his mind, and the Militia of Boom is coming to fruition now that Browner and Revis are playing at the correct level.

I will say, this is all fun and games but its only November, and I beg that the Patriots aren’t peaking too early in the season. They are playing top-tier football but if they don’t enhance this play during the playoffs, then I gotta say, I’m a little nervous. And believe-me-you the Broncos peaked too early in the season, and dare I say it, but the Eli-led teams peaked weeks 15-February….

That stung, but I’m looking realistically. I don’t believe they’ll take a dip in performance, nor do I wish that upon my team. In Bill We Trust.


Lester, Panda and the crew will cause some noise this year. 9a48d99d0dc9454aaf303233d4d9ea9f-9a48d99d0dc9454aaf303233d4d9ea9f-0

Things look promising on all fronts with the Red Sox and the free agent class this year. Then again, its only November. I expect a big year from the Sox, as I do every year. This year is the year they can put the Giants and Cardinals in check by asserting their dominance since ’04. Winning 4 in 11 years is just as impressive as 3 in 5. And its almost more difficult to do. With the pending addition of Sandoval, David Ortiz will have more than enough protection in the lineup and have an immensely productive summer. Pedroia in front of him, Cespedes behind him, Panda behind that, and Nap behind him. Not to mention Allen Craig, Xander and Castillo. I feel my wallet getting lighter with all the tickets and beer I plan on buying this summer. The team is going to be stacked…. On offense.

Pitching on the other hand, will be a wild ride. Assuming Lester returns and pitches close to his performance last year the ace will be an ace. 2-5 however will be kind of a toss up. De La Rosa, Webster and Joe Kelly are “meh” pitchers as of now and with the offense looking as potent as it is I’d say they’ll be alright in the end. Koji is back and we’ll need nothing less than what we’ve expected from him. Should be a fun summer with the Sox.

Buy your turkeys early this year, Pablo’s gonna be rich and hungry.


The Bruins are right where we want them this year. There is no sarcasm in that statement either.They have talent and talent on the IR, set to return for the grind of the season, right in time to be healthy to ramp it up for the playoffs. B1FAzT9CIAA7Say

Rask will return to form and win some games for them. As I said, the injured D-corps will come back and just in time. As we have seen in such a short sampling, when Krejci is in the lineup they can beat whoever they want; all the lines are set in their entirety and they run the show on those nights. Dougie is coming into his own and has almost grown into his body, the 6’5″ Elsa costume wearing peer of mine has thrown on some muscle and has shown a “tough” side at times this year.

I’m not worried about the Bruins and I’d like them to stay put at the trade deadline.



+I’d rather Boychuk than Chara still on the team but that’s neither here nor there.

+Today’s post was brought to you by procrastination

Bye Week Already?!

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I apologize for this being the first Pats only football post of the season. It’s bye week and that’s unacceptable. In my defense I was here, there and everywhere on Sundays and Breaking Bad was quite addicting.

Also the on-field product was making me want to yak. This week, albeit the mopping of the Steelers was rather ugly. Now, clearly the team is hurt and many of the players are new and new to the system. Brady has been trying to find which receivers are reliable and which (cough.. Josh Boyce) are invisible. The defense who could be top 5 in the league when healthy, have not been healthy or shown their best. Wilfork, Mayo, Talib, Kelly, and most recently Gregory and Ninkovich are the biggest and best on that side of the ball; and on the injury list.

Most teams with all of their losses on personnel would call off the dogs and kick their feet back. Not while Belichick is running the helm. He has done a masterful job this year from defusing the Tebow circus, deflecting the Hernandez hype, grunting at reporters and winning football games this year. Despite the loss of players he has coached this team up and won games the real Patriot way. DOBSON-HED-515x268

’07-’12 it was about blowing out teams while the defense was being rebuilt piece by piece. Right as all things were clicking, Welker decided he’d rather get high and eat Papa John’s with Peyton. Hernandez thought he was playing GTA V and Gronk got hurt. Then they had to win the ways from ’01-’06; close games won with gritty offense and clamping defense.

Now a shade more than halfway through the season the Patriots have done just that.

With a fluke loss at the Meadowlands, or the Jets new stadium rather, and an embarrassment from a very dangerous Cincinnati team, they have been great; winning with some flare for the dramatic and defense. Against the Steelers the Patriots should’ve had the game wrapped up after the first possession in the third; but a fumble changed the game.

Then some great QB work by the best, Tom Brady they took off with the game, took it to Pittsburgh better than the Bruins did last spring.

Looking ahead the Panthers could be a hidden threat. Cam Newton and their defense has been wondrous as of late. Then come in the Broncos a huge game that could show our dominance and potentially (unofficially) clinch a bye in the playoffs. From there the toughest team would be the Ravens, and even then they don’t have Ed Reed or Ray Lewis so Brady can really open his eyes and have some fun there.

The Texans and Dolphins are teams that will slowly fall into the abyss of the NFL. Unless Case Keenum shows something amazing. However, the Dolphins with this huge controversy should be done for the year; a locker room split perhaps and not much fight as we assumed.

I expect the Patriots to finish 13-3 with a bye if they’re lucky, but probably 12-4 with the AFC East division clinched. Time will tell, and unfortunately I will be away for the end of the season and playoffs. Hopefully they’ll be in the Super Bowl when I’ll be able to watch.


+I like goofy Tom Brady

Might as Well, NFL

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And for good measure.

Ok, while we’re young!

NFL is here and so is fall. This looks like it will be a great season. Wait, every season is a great season. Except ’07, and ’11…

Anyway my picks are in starting with the NFC then going to the AFC and my Super Bowl winner.


NFC South Division: Buccaneers, Falcons, Saints, Panthers

The Falcons will come in first this year on the arm of Matt Ryan, hands of Julio Jones, and feet of Stephen Jackson. They now have a running game and can attack an opposing team’s weak points.

dougmartin_The Buccaneers will come in 2nd in the division this year. Shocker, you might think, but their top 8 rush defense now has a cornerback that makes their pass defense top 3 immediately. They also have Doug Martin who can log up big yards and set up the pass for Freeman, who has big targets now.

The Saints will come in third, but will lose a lot of heartbreakers, their defense can’t stop a leak.

Followed by the Panthers who will be a top 5 pick in the draft. CLOWNEY?!

NFC East Division: Giants, Redskins, Eagles, Cowboys

My gut is telling me that the Redskins will win the East, but they’ve been hyped from sea to shining sea. So it will be a closer race than many think. RG3 will have a slump of a year but Morris will take bulk carries. Defense will hold its own.

The Cowboys have a lot to prove this year otherwise I wouldn’t be surprised if Jerry Jones makes some crazy moves. Romo will put his mouth where his money is. Dez Bryant will have a monster year.

The Giants will come in third, but might be a wildcard team because it will be close. Their defense will have a rebound from last year but Manning will drop off statistically.

The Eagles have too many distractions, a new coach and drafted a QB that doesn’t fit their offense. Another awful year Phila.

NFC North Division: Lions, Vikings, Packers, Bears

The Bears will win the division, but by a luck play or two. Like Lewis before him Urlacher will want a good sendoff. Cutler is in a contract year and has favorite target Marshall lined out wide. That defense and Hester cause trouble.

The Lions will finish second, again close, but their defense looked mean, Bush looked good, and they have a better secondary receiver than Titus Young. Johnson will have a sad year compared to last.

The Packers, a potential wildcard team, will not WOW as everyone thinks. Their defense hasn’t impressed me, aside from Clay Matthews. And Aaron Rodgers is an overrated QB.

The Vikings will unfortunately finish last. The other teams will beat up on them and they’ll be the odd man out, still in the hunt maybe 9-7.

NFC West Division: Seahawks, Rams, Cardinals, 49ersRichard-Sherman-Seahawks-Wallpaper-nfl-33152085-2816-1583

The 49ers will win the division, I mean they have every position deep with players and talented ones. Their defense got better with Asomuhagh*

The Seahawks will be a wildcard contender. They will impress at home and show some great games against the ‘9ers.

The Cardinals will just be average at best. Palmer to Fitzgerald will be highlight stuff as well as Patrick Peterson doing it all, but he doesn’t have enough to overcome the powerhouses.

Rams. 3 of Redskins first round picks, as well as their own.


AFC West Division: Raiders, Chargers, Broncos, Chiefs

The Broncos will win the division they basically did after Manning’s showing Thursday.

The Chiefs will finish second and will have a shot at the wildcard. Not enough defense however.

The Raiders, will turn some heads, but are, well the Raiders. Terrelle Pryor will win the starting job and the crazy fans will be back, looking for blood no doubt.

The Chargers will tank so far this season, Phillips will lose his starting job, potential Tebow? Potential Flynn?

AFC North Division: Steelers, Ravens, Browns, Bengals

The Bengals will breakout this season, their defense has been on the rise and will learn from last year’s mistakes.AJ_Green They are still young and could really be a threat.

The Ravens will be in the hunt, Dumervil and Suggs will figure out a nasty combo. Flacco will (hopefully) continue his play from Thursday. Rice will carry the team.

The Browns will finish third and might get all of Ohio excited, but only excited, because their QB is extremely old and their RB will get hurt.

The Steelers will not be as good as they seem to think, their running game is poor and the defense, not what it used to be.

AFC South Division: Titans, Jaguars, Texans, Colts

The Texans will win the division because of experience as well as Cushing returning. Reed will steady their defense and could make a deep playoff run.

The Colts will be second, but the team will take a step back, where Luck will put up similar numbers, most of their team was rookies last year.

The Jaguars will come in third, but only because they are a more rounded team than…

The Titans. Locker and Johnson can’t do everything, or anything (against the Patriots)

AFC East Division: Jets, Bills, Dolphins, Patriots

Division winner will be the Patriots, they have the tenure and respect from the league, but the defense will earn it this year, not so much Tom Brady as in years past. MVP lookout despite my thoughts. Bill-Belichick-Lets-Party

The Dolphins will make it interesting this year, I feel they could take both games against the Pats. Tannenhill was coming into his own and was finding Hartline and added Wallace this winter.

The Bills, because they have a better of 2 rookie QBs. Manuel looks like more of a quarterback than Geno Smith.

The Jets, a joke and will sink further into abyss. CLOWNEY ALERT! MANZIEL?!


49ers beat Seahawks to advance, too talented all around.

Broncos outshoot Patriots in Welker’s defining game.

49ers confuse Manning to beat the mile high team 27-16


Time for the Tebow Train

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Well Tim Tebow is a Patriot. They are full of everything, legendary QB in Tom Brady, backups, potentially great wide receivers, 3-4 tight ends capable of getting the job done, and a few runningbacks that can grab necessary yards. That rounds out the offense, and on defense they are young and unproven, and will shortly be a great defense in the NFL. They have all you need in a team.

The grizzly mastermind of a head coach. The handsome leader in their QB. The party animal tight end. The offensive line that are a bunch of rednecks. Some thugs on defense and vice versa with a few of the players. And now they have preacherman Tim Tebow.

So what don’t the Patriots have here in 2013?

A ring to match.

The Patriots are going all in with Tebow. Now they can roll out the wildcat or pistol if they need to. Tebow at QB, with Hernandez in the trigger  position, and Ridley, Vareen, or Bolden split out wide. Defenses look out, coaches hold your headsets, the Patriots got a new offensive weapon. They can use him to block, they can use him to hold kicks, they can use Tim to catch a pass, who knows they could use him on the D-line.

One thing that is sure is that Bill Belichick will whip him back up into shape and get his mind off the feet of Rex Ryan. Belichick has done a move like this before, and it hasn’t paid off yet.

He hates the New York teams. One of them is annoying and thinks they are always better than the Pats and the other one just is better than them. The Patriots nabbed Jake Ballard off waivers after he scored on them in the Super Bowl a few years ago. Ballard was injured and it is “taboo” for a team to pick up an injured player off waivers. The Patriots did and Belichick was the mastermind. He will beat the Giants using Ballard.

Now with Tebow, they will do the same, they will roll him out there to get booed and absolutely destroy the Jets defense. Or he will sack Mark Sanchez.

Belichick doesn’t make time for anybody. Not even Tebow time.


You Don’t Poke the Bear

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Well how about that game 7? Wait, that was game 1, I apologize for the confusion, but that last game had some major intensity to it; game 7 desperation intensity. The Bruins beat the Penguins in Pittsburgh Saturday night and it was certainly worth every second of game time, every inch of ice and every drip of sweat that was spent by the two teams.

The Bruins won 3-0 against the best and most prolific offense since the 90’s Oilers. They have stars up and down the roster, except in goal. Which is how the Bruins won it; getting to Voukoun early and letting him make the mistakes.

It’s not how the goals look but if they are scored at all, which Sid the Kid and Malkin (Who I guess people call Geno) did not do. What they did was very much play sloppy, dirty, grungy hockey that’d you’d expect from a much lesser team. Or one with no character whatsoever.

8468287The Penguins are supposed to be the unstoppable offensive wrecking crew that is all business on the ice. Well, that’s not at all what was on display Saturday night. You had Matt Cooke looking to kill, uneducated fans , Malkin fighting and Crosby being a turtle-like hockey player.

Crosby is quite frankly, a bitch.

He is the most talented player on the ice in a given night, but how he uses his skills and his mouth are what distract him from being that much more great. It’s the Lebron syndrome*, thinking you should get a call because you are the best and then throwing a tantrum about it. (*Formerly known as PeytonManningitis)

He was begging for calls all night and then for sweet justice was caught twice penalizing someone. He even tried the old “you ran into me” move with Tuukka Rask, then thought he was walking tall because Tuukka smartly skated away. From there Sid thought it’d be a great idea to get in Chara’s face. Only to hide behind the ref like the wuss he is.


Game 2 will hopefully bring the same interest as game 1. And I hope that the Bruins realize they need to strangle the Penguins and punish Matt Cooke, Malkin and Crosby for their tough act. The one thing that I think might happen though is the Bruins could lose their cool if the Pens have their way offensively. Tuukka will need to be huge again for Boston.

I’d like to see Krejci put up those numbers again, but the Bruins need more production. Especially from the friggin’ third line, Seguin has been the best player on that line. That is saying something too, he has like 3 points all postseason. I want Claude to put the Swede in for Peverly. Soderberg-Kelly-Seguin, has a nice ring to it.

The Bergeron-Crosby matchup will continue to develop and will hopefully prosper more for the Bruins. Jagr is going to need to score tonight to really add to the fire. Iginla will need to be shut down still.

Realistically thinking; and because I still have nightmares of Lebron in game 6 in Boston last year, I think the Penguins will bear down and pull out a decisive win.

The Bruins don’t go down without a fight; and they don’t win without drama.


+Ference in the lineup was a disappointment to me, I wanted to see Bartkowski light it up in his hometown

112 Reasons to leave New England


This next post is hosted by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis- White Walls.

This post, note that I am writing this at 6:45 PM ET; is about the NFL Free Agency period.

Welker left New England. Welker left New England.


I’m mad too Bill….

It’s still sinking in. I feel fine with this, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Welker, maybe it was something like jealousy because I’m the same size as him or something. Or how I could’ve caught that pass in Super Bowl XLVII. Seriously, for a player who catches 110+ passes a year, how do you drop the biggest play of your career?

It was in your sticky gloved hands! How do you drop that????

I’m not professional, clearly, but I doubt I’d drop that, with or without gloves. If you have two hands on it you DO NOT drop the ball. Thanks a lot A-Hole! Should’ve shot A-Rod! 

Now he signed with the Broncos. The Patriots biggest threat in the AFC, now that the Ravens are dropping out of the sky. He took a pay cut that the Patriots probably would’ve been able to reach and bring him back. He did a ballsy thing though, a power move for lack of a better term. He say eff you to the Patriots and signed with the biggest rival the Patriots have: A Manning brother.


7:45 PM ET:

The Patriots have reached an agreement with Danny Amendola. Who if you look into it has similar numbers to pre-Patriots, Welker. Coincidence  I think not.

Bill-Belichick-Lets-PartySo now it was more like a “f*ck you” to Welker. Bill Belichick works in mysterious ways. Now I just hope they get aggressive with the defensive uphall.

Pollard, the Patriot Killer, is available. Just saying. He would be a nice addition to a safety group that needs some swagger.  I feel he might go to the Jets because Rex Ryan will do anything to injure anything Patriots.

LaRon Landry is available at safety too, and everyone loves a guy named Landry. (Friday Night Lights joke)

Ed Reed who Bill and Brady both are terrified of and respect so highly should try to covert him into coming to Foxboro. He’d add the leadership that they need on that side of the ball.

Also they need to get cornerbacks, and now is the time for that. With strong classes in free agency and in the draft it seems great for the Patriots to have their cap room.

My favorite plan would be let Arrington walk, get 2 out of the 3: Talib, Asomugha or Sean Smith; and with 2nd or 3rd round pick sign the honey badger. The honey badger, Tyranne Matheiu would take place of Arrington and, in my opinion terrorize Welker when we play the Broncos. Nothing better than some revenge.

Also they should have 2 first round picks because of the Welker signing. I think if they could trade up to get Tavon Austin, a wonderful replacement for Welker, and faster, that’d be just great.


+ Darruis Heyward-Bey is available and Tom Brady could make his once good potential shine

+ Laurent Robinson is also an interesting WR choice that has been cut

+ If the PAtriots are desparate they could sign Victor Cruz or David Nelson at a cost of a draft pick

> But they could be a good “receiver x”

+Greg Jennings?

Take Me Home


If I could send you anywhere for music it’d be here– but that’s not the song of the post, for that, it’s DJ Otzi’s Country Roads Remix.


I’ve been saving this song for a special occasion. Well, that occasion is here. I got accepted into a BA program at the Univeristy of New Hampshire. I’ve been “going” there since last year but I was in the 2 year program and now I got my big boy pants and on to bigger and better things.

Like that. Time to actually go to a 4-year tough school college. I’m certainly excited as of now, and will be for the next 2 years, until I actually grow up. Once that happens then I’ll figure something out. But for now its time to go celebrate and stop writing in this for the night, because its officially turned into twisted Tuesday  Hey, its 5’oclock somewhere.

Lets’ go.