This One Time at Seguin’s House

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What a long strange trip it’s been since I last wrote a post. I mean 10 days ago? Holy shirts and shoes.

Well, what didn’t happen in the sporting world? Jeez there was a lot that went down since I took my holiday hiatus. Wind the clock back and you’d see that the Stanley Cup Just ended, we all still had Hernandez jerseys, the Celtics didn’t have 9 picks in 5 years, and the Red Sox weren’t…. yes they were in first place. That hasn’t changed.

I’ll start there. The Red Sox, first place Red Sox, wow it’s nice to say that again. Top of the league in almost every team category; they are the little team that could. Sure, at the current moment they have been skidding a bit, however they are on the West Coast road trip. That always kills them. Plus their best pitchers are hurt or cautious.

The Sox will be interesting to watch, as they have all season, but this year they are never the favorite. No way, no how.

We all counted them out, and for good reason, I mean????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????…. Look.

But we did in ’04, and that team was more thrown together than this one. I’m not saying they will win the World Series, the NL is too strong, I am saying that they are going to contend every team they face for a win.


Well, the least fun story to talk about is on tap next.

The New England Patriots, oh how we loveth thee. Whether you are an opposing fan, or a hometown boy they are an interesting topic. As an away fan you want to hate on them as though they slept with you mother and sister then laughed about it. As a townie you root for them ’til pigs fly.

Away fans cannot deny the fact that they are the classiest franchise on the planet right now. They are buying back their mistake’s jersey and burning them for you. You pick a new jersey as long as your bring in the one of the team murderer.

As for the future season, it is about to be time to talk about them nonstop. In Brady we trust on offense, and fingers crossed for defense. That’s the motto recently. I’m fine with Gronk not being 100% until sometime in November because that’s when we need our offense to get strong, then for him to hit his stride come February.


I’ll go with the Celtics here, because look at that hair. spt_2_olynyk_pic_t575

Last I wrote about them we had two if not three Hall Of Famers on the team. Then Danny dropped the ball and executed a great trade for the future team.

After drafting Kelly Olynyk in the draft Ainge made a call to shape the Celtics for years to come. They sent Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry to the Nets for garbage and 3 picks in 5 years.

This may not be a good thing for some fans because they want to win and want to win now. However, the Celtics ABOSU-friggin-LUTELY need to be in the lottery this year. I don’t care how or why they do it, just get to the lottery boys. I feel that the luck will be upon them if they get there. Brad Stevens better play it right.

Not only is the top pick as coveted as LBJ, but the consolation prizes are also decently talented. My plan, which I hope you’re all on board with is to tank this year. Either sit Rondo for a year or trade him at the deadline, then get Wiggins as the first pick, him becoming Kobe, and McHale and getting back on track, then in 2018 get the Nets lottery pick for the Pippin to Wiggins’ MJ.


The NHL’s runner up, Boston Bruins have some explaining to do.

Fine, Horton walked, and yeah Ference had younger competition with better upside, but Seguin could’ve warranted a better return at say the trade deadline?

However, that’s past us and now we finally have a talented top six instead of a decent top nine. I mean yeah I liked Seguin’s potential, but that’s all it seemed like it was, potential. Perhaps it was the system, his work ethic or the millions of women in the greater Boston area that wanted him (plus entry to any bar and get out of jail free cards); that caused the trade that will shape the NHL.

I don’t see why it will be a bad trade, basically getting similar numbers and some prospects. I’m excited about the prospects, one of them, Morrow, will fit nicely in with the rest in 2-3 years. He’s a bigger sized Bartkowski. Morrow, Krug, Bartkowski, Hamilton will be a top 5 D in the NHL in 5 years. Mark. My. Words.

Then we signed Iginla, WOW!!! I mean I’m still bitter about this winter’s tease but now I’m fine that we didn’t have to give up prospects. Next thing on the list is to sign Rask and then extend Bergeron.

I’m feeling the decade of dominance will be extended a few more years.


+Revs are doing well


Guilty Guilty Guilty

Song of the post: Heads Will Roll A-Trak Remix

Hernadez is guilty, no one should stick up for him. If he was innocent he definitely wouldn’t have looked so calm in cuffs at the courthouse. He is a thug and not in the cool way, he’s a bad person and I don’t see him as a Patriot anymore.

He clearly never thought once, and was just plain stupid to go in the steps he went in. Yes, its killer 101 to kill someone who is talking about a crime that you were part of. However, as a high profile person you don’t do it yourself. And if you do it yourself don’t leave the body in a 50 mile radius of where you live, let alone a half mile radius.

I’m glad the Patriots cut him and I think it doesn’t damage their image at all. Yes the Patriots were the only team he played for and yes he’s a New England kid, raised in Bristol. And yes, because he lived in New England and was close to his thug childhood friends may have all added up to this; but the Patriots are not an organization that allows this behavior. They don’t harbor this behavior and playing there is like being in jail anyway, don’t talk, just say yes to warden Belichick.

The Patriots cut ties with Hernandez, and said all the right things. They also gave A-A-ron a place to seek refuge and be a better person. He hid it all so well from us. Who knows if he would have with the Raiders, Ravens or Lions?

We didn’t see this coming and there’s no chance it tarnishes the Patriot way or legacy.

Especially if they get another ring.


Doc, Seriously?

Song of the post- Follow Me by Uncle Kracker

Doc Rivers wants out, Garnett will waive the no-trade clause, the Clippers want Doc and are willing to trade a young center to the Celtics.

What’s wrong with that?

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Things are shaping up and heating up as well. The Celtics’ Coach Doc Rivers has said through sources that he wants change. I say give him a change! Send him to the Clips! Doc, Garnett and Pierce for Jordan, Bledsoe or Green and a few draft picks. No brainer! Make that deal! Hell, throw Jason Terry in there too! Danny Ainge needs to get this done.

I like Doc and the gang but I think this is a bit too much. I mean with all this drama the other players in the Celtics organization are hearing about it and might not have the same respect toward Doc. It’s almost like the Brett Favre fiasco a few years ago. Doc isn’t saying anything and is letting all this snowball. If he instead of his “sources” would come forward and say “I want out” or “I’m here to stay” this story would be non-important. Instead it’s getting heated and Doc is sitting there waiting for some sort of conclusion without any say in the matter.

The Celtics need to cut ties and move past the big three era. I hate to say it but its the truth. Pierce can stay if possible, but Doc, ya gotta go.

Just the thinking that the Celtics are thinking about this makes my mouth water. Four draft picks in two years, Rondo, Bradley, Green, Sullinger and Jordan as the starting five, Lee, Melo and Bledsoe off the bench. What more could we want?

***Clippers are “backing out” of the Rivers interest pool, Celtics are asking too much. I say we don’t even need to add Bledsoe in the deal, just Jordan and 2 picks.

Remember the last Bledsoe in New England?



Time for the Tebow Train

Song of the Post: Meet Virginia by Train

Well Tim Tebow is a Patriot. They are full of everything, legendary QB in Tom Brady, backups, potentially great wide receivers, 3-4 tight ends capable of getting the job done, and a few runningbacks that can grab necessary yards. That rounds out the offense, and on defense they are young and unproven, and will shortly be a great defense in the NFL. They have all you need in a team.

The grizzly mastermind of a head coach. The handsome leader in their QB. The party animal tight end. The offensive line that are a bunch of rednecks. Some thugs on defense and vice versa with a few of the players. And now they have preacherman Tim Tebow.

So what don’t the Patriots have here in 2013?

A ring to match.

The Patriots are going all in with Tebow. Now they can roll out the wildcat or pistol if they need to. Tebow at QB, with Hernandez in the trigger  position, and Ridley, Vareen, or Bolden split out wide. Defenses look out, coaches hold your headsets, the Patriots got a new offensive weapon. They can use him to block, they can use him to hold kicks, they can use Tim to catch a pass, who knows they could use him on the D-line.

One thing that is sure is that Bill Belichick will whip him back up into shape and get his mind off the feet of Rex Ryan. Belichick has done a move like this before, and it hasn’t paid off yet.

He hates the New York teams. One of them is annoying and thinks they are always better than the Pats and the other one just is better than them. The Patriots nabbed Jake Ballard off waivers after he scored on them in the Super Bowl a few years ago. Ballard was injured and it is “taboo” for a team to pick up an injured player off waivers. The Patriots did and Belichick was the mastermind. He will beat the Giants using Ballard.

Now with Tebow, they will do the same, they will roll him out there to get booed and absolutely destroy the Jets defense. Or he will sack Mark Sanchez.

Belichick doesn’t make time for anybody. Not even Tebow time.


The One Where I try to get my act together… again…


I’m just not gonna apologize this time because I keep letting you down… So it’s just gonna be the same old thing…


I am thinking I’ll develop a weekly run down thing Kinda… Take a look:

Sunday: Short Story or My Movie/Book Idea

Monday: Patriots Talk

Tuesday: Red Sox Talk

Wednesday: Celtics Talk

Thursday: Bruins Talk

Friday: Movie of the Week

Saturday: (Optional)


That being said, it’s thursday! Bruins Day!

These Bruins aren’t going to get back to the Finals this year. Of course that depends on the play of the defense. 

“The Defense!?” You might ask. And yes this year I am a little bit worried at our team’s defense. They are all older than they were last year, clearly. 

They are older and that means they are slower. And if the forwards can’t score then the defense will be put on a spotlight and at times I expect them to fold under the pressure, we don’t have Tim Thomas anymore and who knows how well Tuukka and Khudobin can handle the load without father time helping us out. 

Bringing me to the goalies. They are going to be good, however, can Tuukka Rask be the #1? I hope he can. Has he really grown up though? A few years back he threw a tantrum in Providence when Manny Fernandez was our back up. 

Rask freaked out breaking his goalie stick on the posts of his goal, if I’m remembering correctly. Are we going to see that when he loses in a shootout or in overtime? 

I don’t think so, but again the defense might be suspect this year. Yes, Chara and Seidenberg have been lights out since 2011 playoffs. And yes, Boychuk and McQuaid are coming into their own, but can all four of them hold down the blue line again? 

The pressure is not on them now, but it will be. 

Right now, the pressure is on the offense. Mainly on Seguin, Krejci and Lucic, in my opinion.

Seguin, for obvious reasons: Can he live up to the potential? Can he effectively pass and play defense? Can he grow into a star?

We need him to score 40+ goals and get near a 90+ points. We need his offense to hide the rest of it. I think he’ll have a slump this year. 

Krejci may be traded  by the deadline, again, in my opinion. I like him, he seems to be a superstar when he is on his game. But when he’s not…. well, the Bruins are capable of blowing a 3-0 lead in a 7 game series and 3-0 lead in a game (If my memory stands correctly(also Rask’s fault?)). I hope he can be on for at least 75 percent of the season. 

Now Milan Lucic… great player when he’s on, when he’s tuned in, when he’s fighting. When he’s not, oh boy is he not… He looks lost and confused at time’s when his game is not on. We can’t blame him though. We can only blame ourselves. We are the ones who labeled him the next Cam Neely. 

Maybe he’s not? Maybe he’s not ready to be either? He’s 25 now so we should give him time. 

We should also be excited for the season to start up soon because its gonna be a good one.