Get Outta Here!

Song of the post: Without Me by Eminem

Reports on ESPN are saying that Doc Rivers has spoken. What he is saying is that it is time for a change.

I say, about time!

I like Doc Rivers, he’s one of the great basketball coaches there ever was. However, he is finally setting up a series of changes that will be coming to the Boston Celtics. For over a month now we have been on and off the fence about whether he was coming back or not. We all thought we needed to see if Paul Pierce was coming back or Kevin Garnett going to retire to be the first step in the offseason moves.

I say it’s time to trade the coach and a player for a package deal. Whether that player is KG, Bradley, or Rondo, they need to make a package to get size and youth. It is finally time to move past the coach and the old three. After the coach is gone they can move the old pieces. I’m thinking send Pierce to a winner. What better way to send him out that to San Antonio?

He would fit perfectly there joining Tim Duncan and co he would be a wonderful addtition to their already built roster. If not to the Spurs, why not the Thunder? They could use someone with his past to go with Durant’s bright future. He is the bane of the Heat and the Thunder or Spurs can beat them.

It’s time to move past the old three and move forward. It’s up to Danny Ainge to pick the pieces to build around. It’s not Doc, KG and Pierce; we can move past that, it could be with Rondo and Bradley or Green and Sullinger; it could be with a number of guys, but first things first is getting rid of Doc and getting pieces for him.



Celtics’ Plan Of Action

Song of the post: Where the Green Grass Grows- Tim McGraw

This will be quick. Danny Ainge needs to be ruthless and think of the future.

– Keep Doc Rivers
– Keep Paul Pierce
– Trade Kevin Garnett
– Extend Rajon Rondo
– Draft 2 players in first round (from KG trade)
– Establish new identity
– Host NBA All-Star Game before Paul Pierce retires

????????????????????????????? Keep Doc Rivers– He is such a talented coach that when they start to rebuild he can be the foundation they choose to start with.
– Keep Paul Pierce- He’s a Celtic great, it’d be a shame to see him go anywhere else. He should stay until he needs a wheelchair.
– Trade Kevin Garnett- Garnett is your best trade chip, and he’ll free up the most cap space. Dallas, OKC, New Orleans are all low seeded draft teams that could use his experience. Dallas might want to pair him up with Dirk to create some noise and grit in the paint. OKC could use him for experience and to toughen up Kevin Durant. New Orleans could use him to get the team in shape for the future. KG will want to go to a contender though, which are why the first 2 cities are more likely; if at all.
– Extend Rajon Rondo- He could be enticing in the near future if not now. Let the league know he is Boston’s man and that he can dish it second to Magic as a PG.
– Draft 2 players in first round (from KG trade)– Size and scoring. Many people think that Boston needs rebounding. Well, they do but that problem will be solved sooner than later. Between the seven foot Fab Melo and the machine Jarred Sullinger, they will be getting boards soon enough. They will need another big man and someone to take the scoring load off of Paul and Jeff in the future.
– Establish new identity- If KG leaves and this is going to be Rondo’s team they need an identity so they can fall in line to w new culture. I’ve said previously that they should run more, and with Rondo, Green, and Bradley as potential starters the Speed game is a possibility.
– Host NBA All-Star Game before Paul Pierce retires- What this accomplishes besides a possible send off to Paul Pierce (Maybe KG, Tim Duncan, and Kobe) it will show the star players how passionate the fans are and how awesome the city is. It will boost the pull of the Garden and draw heads.

This might not be what happens, more than likely this won’t. However, I think that a few of these things will help move the franchise forward; back to their winning ways.


The Truth Hurts


So I’ll lead off with Sam Adams’ Driving Me Crazy as the warm up song.

Well, first off, sh!tty loss today. And secondly I planned on watching the whole thing, but got pulled off to do errands by my mom. Spring break problems, right?

I got back and it was the 4th quarter and we were not in good shape. The Thunder were winning by 9 or so when I turned on the TV. And Westbrook and Durant weren’t on the floor. Our starting 5 was. It was not good.

Kendrick+Perkins+Kevin+Garnett+Oklahoma+City+plwKjab7COalThen we went small, putting 3 guards on the floor with Pierce and Bass as our bigs. The Thunder countered with Ibaka and Perkins. The Celtics had no choice but to put our “bigs” in. With KG and Bass at the 5 and 4 we still couldn’t cut it.

Jason Terry continued his late 4th quarter 3s but it was too little too late. The Celtics didn’t stand a chance. They lost the game, and it was a big game to win.

But more about why they didn’t win later; first I need to get something off my mind. Now, I’m a big fan of playing sports video games or even watching them on TV while listening to music. During the portion of today’s game I watched all I heard was the PA system. It seemed like they never turned it off! Every time the teams would drive up the court another song would be on. Whether it was pump up the jam or the cha cha slide, all there was, was music. If I’m and NBA player one, that’s obnoxious, and two if you’re going to play music, play music the players want. It’s also really annoying from the viewers perspective, at home and in the seats. Excuse me, I’m trying to watch the game and get the experience while I’m there. I didn’t pay 80+ dollars to sit and listen to Jock Jams. Although I would pay that much for an original CD again. And if I’m at home I’m trying to listen to Jack Edwards or Tommy Heinson or muting it because Joe Buck is saying something. I’m not trying to listen to the Heat’s PA announcer say “KING JAMES FOR THREEEEE” no thanks.


Okay but back to why the Celtics lost. They can’t get over Kendrick Perkins. In more than just playing the Thunder. They haven’t had a true center since he left. At least someone who is fine with the dirty minutes and racking up rebounds. Please Danny Aigne, bring up Fab Melo. He is a carbon copy of Perkins. What Melo lacks in meanness he makes up for in ugly.

The Celtics won’t win in a 7 game series without a big. Not against the Pacers, the Knicks, the Nets, the 76ers (with Bynum), the Clippers, the Lakers, or the Thunder. Especially the Thunder. They can’t get over the trade that brought Jeff Green here. None of the Celtics players from the before time can get over the big guy Perkins, and Jeff Green can’t get over how jealous he is that the Thunder are so good.

It’s the facts of life, and we have to put up with that until we get that big, huge, scary, dumb, ugly guy they call Fab Melo on the floor. Well to leave you with a song, Til Tomorrow, by David Dallas.


+Notice how I left the Heat out of the list of teams the Celtics can’t beat? Well, we can and will beat them in a 7 game series. Whether its this year or next year, we will beat the d^mn Heat.

+ And to leave you with his ugliness I present FAB MELO:


About the Rondo-less Celtics


Some reading music here

And some listening material here:

Wind back the clocks to about a week ago, so January 27th or so, and the Celtics looked like sh*t. Then we got some bad news–  no, some terrible, very-bad, no-good, horrible news.

Rondo is out for the season.

Everyone found out during the Heat game, well everyone but the Celtics. And they won the game. You know what happened the game after that? They won again. After that?

Sullinger- Out for season.

Okay Doc, douse the fire and call in the dogs, season’s over. 

Then what happened?

They won two more, and aren’t looking old. Which brings me to one part of this entry; should the Celtics be blown up now?

I say yes. This little spurt cannot last forever. Let alone win a championship. The Celtics need to be broken up and start building for the future. For one, keep Sullinger, Melo, Green, and Bradley. I hate to say it but trade Garnett, Lee, Terry and Bass. Trade them for only draft picks if possible. Draft picks for this next draft too.

This will be a good starting point to build around your general, Rajon Rondo. Not only that but every player will be young, and if they get good draft slots they can basically grow up together. Look at the Thunder: Ibaka, Westbrook, and Durant have played with each other for years now, not to mention how Harden gelled with them.

The Celtics need to blow it up and build around Rondo and need to make that clear. Make that clear now. Unless…


Rondo is the problem?

I mean, I don’t think that this winning streak can last a long time. But who knows?

I could be wrong after all, I recently tweeted that I could be a Super Bowl MVP because Joe Flacco won one. I was also wrong when I once said that the Red Sox had the World Series already won in August 2011.

So what if the Celtics do make a deep run into the Playoffs without Rondo? What then?

Well Dale, its called a trophy fish so yeahh they’re pretty big.

They should trade Rondo as fast as possible, to a lottery team so Danny Ainge can pick gold and get the next Larry Bird or Paul Pierce. Rondo might indeed be the problem of the Celtics, he is a magician but, from what I’ve heard he might be a locker room pest. Don’t tell any teams though because we might need to get him out of Boston.

I am still on the fence about trading him however, but in my opinion the Celtics need to get a lottery pick in the next draft. Whether that’s trading Rondo, or the aforementioned players, or just throwing the season; they need a lottery pick.


PS- Keep Paul Pierce until he needs hip surgery, he was born in LA but was meant to be a Celtic for life.