Not Only About Baseball: Eighty Losses Left

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Lately I’ve been all about baseball, who hasn’t though? WE WON THE WORLD SERIES!!!!

This post will be dedicated to the Celtics’ plan of action. Danny_Ainge640-640x360

We are 0-2 off to a great start this year. No sarcastic tones in that sentence, I mean it, we need all the losses we can get. In case you missed the months of June-August, the Celtics lost their coach, and made a blockbuster trade with the desperate Brooklyn Nets. We shipped Jason Terry, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce out of the hub for multiple first round picks and grimy players to muck up time and add up losses.

Two games in it is working perfectly. I’m not even kidding, we have two mid-first round talent players in Olynyk and Sullinger. Bot can be huge talents and will hopefully be put on the back burner for the next 2 years to “develop.” Then there’s Avery Bradley and Jeff Green, somewhat talented players that you can build a future franchise around. Then a few players like Humphries, Wallace and Brooks that can be moved and just take up space while we sink into lottery abyss.

Oh, and the point guard, Rajon Rondo. Take your time getting back, I’m talking Derrick Rose time to get back. Look, you’re 26 and we suck now, why not wait until these players and future players can develop? If he stays out for basically 2 years the Celtics can certainly get a lottery pick with the current group of players. Unless of course Rajon comes back only to leave town a few days later…

Trade him or sit him in the same back room as Olynyk and Sullinger; there’s no need for anyone to be a hero here. We won’t be overtaking Lebron and his cronies any time soon; plus by the time the Brooklyn Celtics Nets are finished (2 years max) their first rounders will be yours.

SO I beg you to tank this year!

I swear to Bird, McHale and Havlichick if I get back in the summer and we don’t have Andrew Wiggins or a lottery pick…


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It might be late to talk about the Kris Humphries/Rajon Rondo fight seeing as it was nearly a week ago that it happened. Regardless, I’m going to touch up on that issue. I’m more going talk about how Rondo is going to be the rise or the fall of the Celtics.

First off, that “fight” was just a wrestling match between a guy who cares too much about his teammates and another player who is dirty and chippy. Rondo clearly cares more about his teammates than himself, he takes assists over open lay-ups, he will remember what you did to his player and make a fool out of you on the court, or he’ll make you look like a fool by beating you up even though that player is 6-7 inches taller than him. That other player will hard foul a legend, try to start a fight with a legend in the making and then get his *ss handed to him; and tweet about his “wounds” to add media outrage at the minor incident.

Rajon won the fight. Not only did he stick up for his teammates, but he showed that he’s not selfish. He had a record breaking pace of 10+ assists per game and was nearing the record for himself. He didn’t care about the numbers, he didn’t care about the ejection, the suspension, just about his teammates and his loyalty to them.

I don’t mind Rondo’s “recklessness.” I think it’s a good thing to have back in the NBA. The league is soft. When the 2 best players are friends with each other; what point is there to the games they’ll play? When everybody is friends with everybody in the league there’s no fire, there’s no interest. Guys like Kobe, Garnett, Rondo are guys that make the sport interesting.

Durant and Lebron make it entertaining. The way they score is phenomenal, but how they are friendly toward everyone (except those aforementioned) isn’t interesting. I want to root against those guys that are *ssholes to the other team, that are killers at heart. I want players like Bird and Jordan. I want those rivalries. They’ll have time to make friends when they retire.

Rondo is a guy everyone hates outside of the Boston fan base. He is mouthy, quick, obnoxious and extremely good at basketball. He is what you want in a basketball player. When other teams play him you see the hatred in their eyes toward him. And double the hatred in his eyes. He is a product of his mentors. Ray Allen showed him how to prepare like the best. Paul Pierce showed him how to be clutch. Kevin Garnett showed him how to play defense and how to be the thorn in the opponents’ sides. He learned from the best and is on his way to be one of them too.

Rondo is a breath of fresh, fresh air. His attitude and play are what will make this league interesting again. However he needs to bring his team to the playoffs then the veterans can shake off the dust and the Celtics can explode to the finals.

– Lomonte