Get Outta Here!

Song of the post: Without Me by Eminem

Reports on ESPN are saying that Doc Rivers has spoken. What he is saying is that it is time for a change.

I say, about time!

I like Doc Rivers, he’s one of the great basketball coaches there ever was. However, he is finally setting up a series of changes that will be coming to the Boston Celtics. For over a month now we have been on and off the fence about whether he was coming back or not. We all thought we needed to see if Paul Pierce was coming back or Kevin Garnett going to retire to be the first step in the offseason moves.

I say it’s time to trade the coach and a player for a package deal. Whether that player is KG, Bradley, or Rondo, they need to make a package to get size and youth. It is finally time to move past the coach and the old three. After the coach is gone they can move the old pieces. I’m thinking send Pierce to a winner. What better way to send him out that to San Antonio?

He would fit perfectly there joining Tim Duncan and co he would be a wonderful addtition to their already built roster. If not to the Spurs, why not the Thunder? They could use someone with his past to go with Durant’s bright future. He is the bane of the Heat and the Thunder or Spurs can beat them.

It’s time to move past the old three and move forward. It’s up to Danny Ainge to pick the pieces to build around. It’s not Doc, KG and Pierce; we can move past that, it could be with Rondo and Bradley or Green and Sullinger; it could be with a number of guys, but first things first is getting rid of Doc and getting pieces for him.