Summer of Hernandez

Song of the post: Foreplay by Boston

Well, after a few strong posts I went AWOL…. My bad.

I had a tremendous weekend with my girlfriend, then I got lazy, then I played Skyrim, and finished enlisting in the Air National Guard.

Oh and Boston sports are on the brink of disappearing before our eyes. The Bruins could lose and Tuukka could walk if so, key word ‘could’. Gronk is on the PUP list and will stay there for a long time. The Celtics had a trade, then didn’t then once again, and now, do not have a future whatsoever.

And there was something else, something big, something… OH AARON HERNANDEZ!

Well that came out of left field didn’t it? He allegedly murdered a man! What…

First there was the summer of Gronk, where he partied with everyone and anyone who had booze last summer. And now there’s Hernandez, who will spend this summer in the justice system.

This is the tight end who is second fiddle to Gronk and had a pot smoking problem in college. Now apparently he’s a gang member who murders his girlfriend’s sister’s fiancee. AND he’s a friggin Patriot! How did Bill Belichick let this go by? It’s not his fault at all but you’d think that the players would reflect his style, not shoot people. Ironically one week after the Tebow circus, the Patriots who “handled” bigger crowds than that, had to send Hernandez home because the media was too large and distracting.

To make things worse he’s following the book of wrongdoings in how to cover up for a murder; destroying evidence, leaving the body in sight of your house, oh and the car you killed him with, driving a car that looks similar to a white Bronco.

However, now all these things are coming up that he threatened Wes Welker, and was always flagged for violence. I just don’t understand how or what happened. And the news doesn’t help because they say he is cooperating with police and the next he isn’t.

I want answers and our tight ends back.


+So that Jake Ballard waiver pickup is looking solid, as is Tebow the tight end?