Lazier than Manny Ramirez on a Grounder to Short

Song(s) of the Post: Freak by Steve Aoki & Take U There by Jack U & a throwback on this thursday Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!!! by Vengaboys

Apologies mean close to nothing in today’s world, and I have few avid followers of this blog to write one here. However, I have been busy with plenty of new responsibilities this semester, which speak to my absence on here.

So, as I try to escape studying, and writing papers, I stumbled back upon this hobby of mine.

Since my last post, the New England Patriots have not lost, Tom Brady is funkier than ever and Gronk has turnt up like we all know he can do. Since my last post, the Red Sox are no longer defending Champions, they are chasing free agents with promises and North End’s finest cuisine. Since my last post, the Bruins have started the season the way they should have, losing half their D-corps.

Now to elaborate on each of those topics:W1ST9658.JPG

The Patriots 8-2 on the year, and 6-0 since Kansas City, are in the driver’s seat of the AFC. They look well on their way to title 4. As I alluded to earlier Tom is playing at a ridiculous level for an over the hill QB. The O-line remembered that they’re protecting the greatest QB to play the game. The receivers have finally run the correct routes, and we still have two young guys who haven’t quite broken the starting 11 (Dobson, Tyms). The running game is looking as good as they can without Stevan Ridley, RIP. Bill is coaching out his mind, and the Militia of Boom is coming to fruition now that Browner and Revis are playing at the correct level.

I will say, this is all fun and games but its only November, and I beg that the Patriots aren’t peaking too early in the season. They are playing top-tier football but if they don’t enhance this play during the playoffs, then I gotta say, I’m a little nervous. And believe-me-you the Broncos peaked too early in the season, and dare I say it, but the Eli-led teams peaked weeks 15-February….

That stung, but I’m looking realistically. I don’t believe they’ll take a dip in performance, nor do I wish that upon my team. In Bill We Trust.


Lester, Panda and the crew will cause some noise this year. 9a48d99d0dc9454aaf303233d4d9ea9f-9a48d99d0dc9454aaf303233d4d9ea9f-0

Things look promising on all fronts with the Red Sox and the free agent class this year. Then again, its only November. I expect a big year from the Sox, as I do every year. This year is the year they can put the Giants and Cardinals in check by asserting their dominance since ’04. Winning 4 in 11 years is just as impressive as 3 in 5. And its almost more difficult to do. With the pending addition of Sandoval, David Ortiz will have more than enough protection in the lineup and have an immensely productive summer. Pedroia in front of him, Cespedes behind him, Panda behind that, and Nap behind him. Not to mention Allen Craig, Xander and Castillo. I feel my wallet getting lighter with all the tickets and beer I plan on buying this summer. The team is going to be stacked…. On offense.

Pitching on the other hand, will be a wild ride. Assuming Lester returns and pitches close to his performance last year the ace will be an ace. 2-5 however will be kind of a toss up. De La Rosa, Webster and Joe Kelly are “meh” pitchers as of now and with the offense looking as potent as it is I’d say they’ll be alright in the end. Koji is back and we’ll need nothing less than what we’ve expected from him. Should be a fun summer with the Sox.

Buy your turkeys early this year, Pablo’s gonna be rich and hungry.


The Bruins are right where we want them this year. There is no sarcasm in that statement either.They have talent and talent on the IR, set to return for the grind of the season, right in time to be healthy to ramp it up for the playoffs. B1FAzT9CIAA7Say

Rask will return to form and win some games for them. As I said, the injured D-corps will come back and just in time. As we have seen in such a short sampling, when Krejci is in the lineup they can beat whoever they want; all the lines are set in their entirety and they run the show on those nights. Dougie is coming into his own and has almost grown into his body, the 6’5″ Elsa costume wearing peer of mine has thrown on some muscle and has shown a “tough” side at times this year.

I’m not worried about the Bruins and I’d like them to stay put at the trade deadline.



+I’d rather Boychuk than Chara still on the team but that’s neither here nor there.

+Today’s post was brought to you by procrastination

Friday Recap


I guess I’ll take a right turn from some of the songs I’ve been posting and go with Turbulence by Steve Aoki.


There has been some shakeups in the sports world today. Patriots signing and meeting with players, the Celtics dissing the Heat’s mediocre winning streak, the Red Sox prospects doing more than expected in spring training, and the Bruins preparing for a tough weekend.

Today was pretty busy for a lot of sports. While I was at work there were a lot of cuts and signings that shocked me in the NFL. What’s with Dumervil being “released.”

I don’t buy it. Just as I don’t buy that the Heat’s streak will reach 24.

I will take the over in the over/under that the Red Sox farm system will be better than the MLB team.

I also will take the Bruins winning both games this weekend; and if not you can say hello to a new teammate within the week.


They let Woodhead and Welker go and quickly replaced them and then some. Amendola, Washington, Wilson, and Jones were all added and it looks like they aren’t done either. There’s a chance that they can sign Freeney or Emmanuel Sanders and perhaps a cornerback before the draft, then I’d say they didn’t take any steps back after losing their 2 little foot soldiers. They aren’t finished and I can say this with near certainty, this year will be a very competitive and entertaining year in the NFL, maybe the best yet.

I haven’t had the time to research exactly what was said about the Heat’s streak, but I know the Celtics’ players played it right. That we, Celtics nation will never be afraid of them. We won that series last year, and the NBA had to make it the outcome they wanted not what was the right winner. The refs gave them 2 games last year causing the Heat to advance. Doc said in the beginning of the year, “it’s us against the Heat.” Time to take it to them on Monday, they won’t knew what hit them.

Jackie Bradley Jr, Bryce Bentz, Xander Boegarts, Jose Iglesias and Will Middlebrooks are the future of the Red Sox, and I think we are ready for them. They look like they are ready too, after this spring training and WBC they could earn spots on the roster. However, they can’t because every rule in the book said they wouldn’t be ready. The front office did what they had to, sign free agents. Maybe they shouldn’t have. Only time will tell, but that time is soon.

Two of the biggest games this month are in the next two days. Capitals and Penguins, both who embarrassed the Bruins in recent memory. I expect a lot of goals and even more dropped gloves. If the Bruins split the weekend then the team might see a few AHL call ups. If they win both it will be business as usual. If they lose both, I expect a new player by the end of the week. Probably a scorer, because h#ll, someone besides Seguin has to score on that team, right?

A quick recap, a double entendre, and some quotes, goodnight!