The Return Of Ty Seguin

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July 4th, 2013 fireworks exploded above the TD Garden, Tyler Seguin’s apartment, and the NHL buzz followed suit. The Boston Bruins had sent their 21 year old forward to the Dallas Stars in addition with Rich Peverley and in return would get Loui Eriksson, Reilly Smith, Joe Morrow and another prospect. tyler-seguin-dog-nap

The word was Seguin was either sleeping past practices or having too much fun after games and during the playoffs. The Bruins were fed up with their under performing star. The players in return were all supposedly good players and had the potential to be great. The one proven veteran was Loui Eriksson, considered the most underrated player in the Western Conference at the time.

The Bruins moved on from Tyler Seguin and were sticking with their game, their philosophy; not being begging for the kid to show his real talent.

It’s now about a month into the Seguin-less era and results are looking muddled. Seguin has been showing that talent we touted and had hoped for. And Reilly Smith has been what we asked of him, a goal scorer with some speed. Eriksson, has followed Seguin’s path and been unproductive and under performing, not so much underrated. He hadn’t found the system before the hit heard ’round the NHL and it’s unlikely he will after.

There are whisperings from the Boston fan base that perhaps the brass pulled the plug on the kid too early. That perhaps he needed a warning not a change of scenery. However, they went with the latter and can’t look back on it. The Bruins are right in the thick of it and will be, so long as they don’t see John Scott anytime soon.

Seguin will be this era’s Joe Thornton; won’t get any significant accomplishments until later in his years, if at all. Speaking of San Jose, they (as in most years) look to be early season favorites for the Cup.

Those who are worrying about the trade need to know two things; its early and that the future is still bright on many of our players. The Bruins will be fine, barring any significant injuries of course. The Krejci line is beyond what would be expected. Iginla has shown promise as his career wanes, his numbers haven’t. Bergeron has looked sharp, unfortunately his linemates have not. Brad Marchand has lost whatever he had and seems to be just swinging his stick out there. Eriksson had the head injury and that has set him back but he had looked more like he was floating as he was out there. The third line players, Kelly, Soderberg, Spooner, Caron and Smith have all looked fast and promising; and if there was a better showing from the second line they could see more results as well. Merlot line is at their par, can’t ask any more and wouldn’t expect any less from them. ????????????????????

The defense has been as advertised; a rotating door at the young position between Krug, Hamilton and Bartkowski. Also as expected is Chara and Seidenberg their decreased minutes and at times decreased skill, and increased age. One problem I don’t like out of the D core is the “non-Krug-Hamilton-Bartkowski” defensemen carrying the puck deep. One good thing is Krug was not a flash in the pan. One bad thing is that Bartkowski can’t be out there more.

Tuuka seems like the number one we will have him be for 8 years.

The penalty kill is shaky and that is uncharacteristic of this group. I don’t fret however, they will come around. The powerplay is also uncharacteristic. They have been buzzing all around the ice and have a new dimension–several dimensions actually, whether its Krug and Krejci toying with defenders or Iginla on the quick shot and Chara with the tip in, the powerplay is much improved.

No worries at the hub, at least not from me. They are running into a tough patch right now but with virtually 2 of the top 6 forwards missing that is natural. They will be on track soon enough. Seguin is going to be a Star (pause for drum kick) but the Bruins will raise a banner before he gets back to the show.


+That Seguin picture doesn’t make it look all bad


Graduation Crashers: What the Public Should Know

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If you haven’t heard; there was a “scandal” revolving a few teachers from Exeter High School. I went to high school there and had two of the three teachers that are involved in this ordeal.

First off I don’t understand why these allegations are coming forth 4, count ’em four, years later. An incident that may or may not have happened that long ago was clearly done with consent. If you wait longer than 3 months after a crime, or incident that isn’t pressing; it isn’t news. Whoever this girl that was allegedly with the teacher was most likely doing it with knowledge that it was against the law. This chick must have been on some power trip to feel that she could ruin 3 teachers careers by admitting she whore’d around in high school.

I’m positive that the majority of students would stick up for these three in a court of law. They were the best teachers in that school; excluding Newman, he was the fucking man.

They were the most down to earth teachers I knew, they would help you help them and if you were stupid they’d give it to you straight. They made going to high school more fun.

And now the screenplay; the three were in the midst of writing or completing a movie screenplay called Graduation Crashers.

Already going to see it just with that title.

It was your typical raunchy film idea, with sex, drugs and freshman hazing. Now had none of this gone down I’d be willing to say that Batch, Forbes and Grossmith could basically retire after the movie was a hit. It’d be somewhere between Superbad and Wedding Crashers. I can picture it now; Rob Corddry as Batch, Clarke Duke as Grossmith and Larry the Cable Guy (without the accent) as Forbes.

I mean that’s all you need right there.

We are called Sexeter for a reason.


Why I Need to Be Rich, and You’re Invited

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I have not read or seen the Great Gatsby. It’s not entirely my fault, my sophomore English teacher went on pills halfway through the year, but that’s a different story.

This one is about how the world; or at least the people who I am friends with would benefit if I was rich; Gatsby rich.

How I’m going to get rich is the issue. I have no idea where to start. Perhaps its through this blog, perhaps it’s through my education, perhaps I’ll win the lottery. However once I get rich there will be no looking back. Actually I’ll be looking back to the before time and seeing how bad being poor is.

When I’m rich; yes I’ll be like Jay Gatsby and throw those parties where all my friends are invited and have wonderful memories. However my money won’t go to just that, it’ll go toward furthering my wealth and expanding the economy.

I’ll be creating jobs and businesses that will be popping up and down your main street, I’ll be choosing the best and brightest to run them and you won’t have to worry about bad employees ruining your day because you came in the store. One of my plans is to reinvent the average movie theater. Throw it back to red carpets and cocktails being served, make every night a movie night.

ar117606604981399I might be one of the only ones to think this but the movie theaters should get away from the bright colors and clashing themes and stick with the classiest; classic theaters.

Other than that I have a business idea I can’t share because it’s the first of it’s kind, but again that will revolve around great service and happy customers which in this field of business has gone by the wayside; as well as their products in particular.

And if I am “Gatsby rich” I’ll be willing to invest in anyone’s idea, as long as it follows with my honest employees tactic. And every restaurant I open will have outdoor seating.

The problem is I need to get there first, and thanks to the cards I was dealt I can’t live off and expand a family business. I have to make it myself.

If I’m Gatsby rich, you’re all invited to the parties.


+ I kept the picture in color this time to show you what I mean

+ Gatsby Rich T’s in top left

Gamer’s World

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Well now that I’m back from college and don’t have a job, I’ve been playing Xbox again. Starting with my most recent game, Skyrim.

I’ve had Skyrim for over a year now and let me tell you, I have not beaten it. Haven’t even come close. I can never remain focused enough to stay true to one character the entire time. I’ll get to level 23ish then look at the other opportunities and quickly trigger up a new game. It’s extremely difficult for me to stick with just being a warrior, or just a thief or a mage; because I get really far and then they make you delve into the depths of ancient Dwemer(dwarven) ruins. To be honest I don’t think I’ll ever be old enough or brave enough to stay down there. Not too mention every creature in the catacombs is 6 times more difficult than the ones outside. It’ll always give me the heebie-jeebies. Skyrim-best-rpg-ever

So no, I haven’t exactly explored everywhere in Skyrim. I have tried to master certain crafts. Yes for the fanboys I did cheat and look up how to “unnaturally” achieve higher levels. It takes so long, there I am slamming on the “a” button for 35 minutes trying to become an investor in certain shops trying to increase my speech skill and by the time I finish I find out I don’t gain any profits from it. They just get more money for me to sell to; in which case I have to go into the Dwarven ruins.

You know what takes me longer than cheating? Creating my character. I can never decide what perks I would rather have or if the orc would have a mustache, or if elves can be bald. It’s harder than it should be.

This game already has so much and I can’t believe I’m asking for more.

But I am. I want a similar gameplay but with more more more options and income growth.

Which is intriguing, will the Elder Scrolls make a sixth? (Excuse me, VI)

If they do I might just buy an Xbox one.


What a way to end a successful company, huh?

No, not talking about Gamestop yet. But Microsoft. Why in the world would they try to mess with perfection? They’re taking away used games, and the data that you saved from the game along the way. Also if you want to buy a “used” game you have to pay a fee, nearly as much as the regular game. Oh and, they’re taking away graphics, they’re taking away too much. If I wanted that few of options and graphic quality, I’d buy a Wii. It’s a disgrace to do that. Like I said, if the Elder Scrolls VI is more intensely insane than Skyrim, I’ll binge out and get an Xbox One.

Now to Gamestop! We had all been wishing for the end of the store that literally offers pennies for the dollar on used games. I recently tried to trade in FIFA 13, which is still the latest game; and two other games, Fable 3 and NHL 10. I was offered $22 for all 3. Did I mention I have a gamercard?

However, we didn’t want them to end quite like this. Nearly half of their profits are generated from used games and now that Xbox One is changing the game, pun intended, Gamestop will go the way of Blockbuster. Swift and silently.

Ironically many Gamestops are in old Blockbuster stores.


+Facts may not be 100% accurate