A Boston Sports Fan Holiday Guide

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Merry Christmas and happy holidays from me to you. Those of you in the New England area and New England sports fans globally, have had many Christmas wishes come true over the past 15 or so years.

This year we have a very specific Christmas wish list that would make us all happy in the long run for each of our favorite teams. Starting with the men who play Sundays, following with the Boston Celtics, leading into the Red Sox and then the Big (Bad) Bruins.

For the New England Patriots all we wish for Christmas for them is health, and to retain their level of play. It is no secret that without one of the cogs in the offensive machine that is led by Tom Bradyrob-gronkowski, they aren’t at their peak performance level. Blount and Gray are a dangerous tandem that when healthy can run on just about everyone. Lafell and Wright are similar towards the production in that they help Brady get the first downs when checked upon. Amendola and Edleman are another tandem that is necessary in the Pats successes. As we saw against the Jets, Amendola can be a feature wideout, although it would be nice if he wasn’t the premier target. Edleman has shown time and again that he is the Brown, Branch, Welker type of choice for Tom Brady and as we could tell on Sunday that his absence was felt in the struggle against their New York foe.

Lastly for the offense would be all-time health for Brady and Gronk, without them our ship has no captain or sail to lead us to victory. Without Gronkowski the past several years the Patriots have stalled and not made it where they need to. If he remains healthy with his QB then maybe his QB can party like Gronk until the misses calls Brady home. Four defensive standouts that the Pats wish remain healthy are Collins, Hightower, Jones and Revis. They need their top D-men to keep roughing up the opposition.

The Celtics are next on tap, and we wish for only one thing, tanking. Rondo is out and the Celtics are filled with young talent, but still miss that superstar they need. They need the no. 1 pick overall and the team will be complete. Expiring contracts coming off the book plus young stars coming of age, will be enticing for future free agents. Stay the course Danny Ainge.

We have a few wishes for the Red Sox this holiday season, and that is no more moves. I personally want to hold onto the talent they have and not trade to get Cole Hamels. He is not a necessity as ownership seems to believe. The other wish the current prospects break onto the scene and stay competitive. As a side wish, health for Papi would be well received.

The lackluster Bruins are winners of two in a row going into Christmas and for them we wish they’d get a top six right wingerSochi Olympics Ice Hockey Men and a brand new fourth line. As has been noted since preseason the Bruins need a top-line RW and the Blues are looking to move TJ Oshie according to sources, the Bruins have a need for his talents and could fit well with playmaker David Krejci. A move for him would certainly avoid the forbidden movement of lines in Julien’s system. He could slot in the top line next to Lucic and Krejci, leaving the Bergeron line intact along with the Soderberg-Eriksson line that has been potent as of late. He would shuffle things towards the right path they belong on. However given the Bruins cap situation and the Blues desire to retain Tarasenko they could attempt to deal some of their unnecessary contracts, such as the current fourth line, which hasn’t produced much in quite some time. Moving the likes of Campbell, Paille and even Kelly would free up cap space for the Bruins and offer roster spots for the touted prospects in Providence. Obtaining Oshie would be a giant leap in getting back into the playoff picture, as well as allowing prospects to grow in the Bruins system.

Although one thing we can all wish for is lower ticket prices and less traffic in going to watch our favorite teams. A (Christmas, Hanukkah, Festivus) Miracle it would be.



Wearing Number 2 for the Yankees

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The Red Sox are atop  of the AL East and have been for a while. We here in Sox Nation hope that doesn’t change. Unfortunately we are a little banged up lately. Middlebrooks and Elsbury are out for unforseen time, and while Will Middlebrooks has a future here in Boston there’s no need to rush him back. Jacoby Elsbury on the other hand has got to go. sox vs yankees518.r

The Red Sox need to trade their 29 year old centerfielder or else he could walk at the end of the season when he is a free agent. If the Red Sox are to “turn the page” from the ’11 debacle and that whole identity they should get rid of the face of pink hats. Since he has entered the Sox lineup he has drawn many pink hat fans, chicks that don’t know the game and are interested in the sex appeal that the players have.

Elsbury has talent, but he also is prone to injuries, which is never good. In one aspect, Elsbury has only gotten injured when he’s cared about the game. Whether he was diving for a ball, stealing a base, or five; he was getting injured when he played hard and dirty.

However, the Red Sox need to trade him while he still has some value and they can get something for him. I would think that he could go for two low league prospects that they can keep in the farm for a little while seeing as their minor league teams are full to bursting with potential talent.

The Sox have Jackie Bradley Jr., Xander Boegarts, and Bryce Bents all outfielders for the future. They could get rid of Elsbury to make room for one of them and move toward the future. Aside from that they could use prospects for first base, or catcher. They need to hold on to their prospects and get rid of Jacoby.

The alternative to trading him is letting him walk away and sign with a number of teams. One of which is guaranteed to be the Yankees and look at the guy, he looks like he’d be a great face for the Yanks. He’d be a perfect right or left fielder for them once Ichiro leaves. Els, a lefty would make use of the short right porch at Yankee Stadium, and he doesn’t have a huge arm; again a great fit in the Bronx.

The matter isn’t at hand yet, but I think it’s time that Ben Cherington should begin to look for suitors for a trade because before we realize it Elsbury could be in pinstripes.


If all goes According to plan

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If all goes according to plan the Bruins will lose to the Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup finals.

Why do I want them to lose you might ask.

And I would point straight to Gary Bettman, the leader of the lockout.

I don’t want the Bruins to win it all in a shortened season, yes a cup would be nice but it wouldn’t be the same.

Plan B is different:

We win the Cup behind three solid lines each centered by Seguin, Krejci, and Bergeron; not to mention the 4th line wrecking crew.

If all goes according to plan, Bergeron comes back healthy and able to lead us to where we belong. Also Seguin becomes a dominant center with Marchand and Jagr as his wings. Khudobin turns into the second coming of Tim Thomas and we are all invited to the Bruins after party and can drink from the $3,000 dollar champagne.

If all goes according to plan. We’ll find out tonight how they look with their additions.


The Bigger Storyline-Bruins

Prisoner’s Song- Dropkick Murphys.

Well, after 3 periods, an overtime, and a shootout. The Canadiens are in first place in the division.

After erasing a two-goal deficit and turning into a two-goal lead, then blundering that into a tie, then losing it in the shootout is just awful. Especially to a team as slimy, grimy and pathetic as the Montreal Canadiens.

They do deserve to be in first, they played a hell of a game. But flopping is acceptable in soccer, not on the ice. They should know that, Canada basically invented the game.

The NHL needs to notice something about the diving/embellishment in the game lately. I mean, hey that means the sport is competitive but there needs to be a little change to that.

I don’t agree with anyone who says the NHL needs to ban fighting. If you’ve played any form of hockey, you understand the need to stick up for teammates and how frustrating it gets out there.

UntitledI’ll be fighting kids in intramural floor hockey.

However, the game was well played by the Bruins, and anyone who watched it knows the Habs got lucky. Bounced puck off of Seidenberg’s face and past Rask. A tip in by Chara… and then a questionable penalty in the last few minutes. I can’t say that the Canadiens were impressive. Although their backup goalies seem to be better than their starters. Remember Halak? And wayyyyy back when, Ken Dryden?ClassicRivalry

(Thanks a lot bin Laden!)

It is interesting how slowly word got out and connections were made between the Bruins resting prospects and Iginla being a healthy scratch. Social media huh?

And yes, it is, in my belief (12:03 Am) that Iginla will be a Bruin sooner than later. My speculations are that the Bs are trading Bartkowski, Khokhlachev, and a pick will be sent to Calgary for Iginla if he is willing to sign for 2+ years.

This might just help them offensively. And lORRd knows we need it.  The past two games they have shot and had way to many chances for them not to be going in the net. They need offense, they need more. I want more goals, we want more.

This is going to be a good move. I feel that we are giving up a lot of potential talent and it almost makes sense because we have a young core team and a budding AHL affiliate.

Iginla plays the way Cam Neely does, and in Black and Gold that is just fine with us. Maybe his play can rub off on good ol’ boy Lucic. I mean why not?

I feel the lines are going to be as follows:


Iginla will have good feeds from Krejci and with his soft hands and hard shot there will be goals aplenty. Lucic, who is overrated will fit just perfectly against some of the competition’s third-liners. As for the other two lines, keep them as they are, the chemistry is already there and production will fall in place. The defense, which has given up a few leads, is starting to worry me. Chara and Seidenberg can’t both play a half hour night in and night out. Dougie, who is good offensively isn’t strong enough to compete with a power forward just yet. Ference is what you’ve been getting the past few years so he’s fine. McQuaid and Boychuk are getting to be missed. As far as Aaron Johnson and Krug, they are doing ok but they can’t quite sustain the level of play that the injured pair can.

We will make the playoffs and it seems like there is just a small piece missing, maybe its that offensive touch, maybe its that we’re missing that little guy from Michigan in net. All I know is that the playoffs will be interesting.

As a fan, I want the cup. If in I’m the organization, I want an early exit. We got 82 games next year fellas.


+ Yes, that’s my UNH Confession, I’m like Marchand out there.