As Luck Would Have It

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The Celtics have ANOTHER chance to get multiple first round picks, and become the best team in the league again. The Nets and Celtics are in talks to send Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and possibly Jason Terry to Brooklyn for Kris Humphries, Gerald Wallace and 3 first round picks over the next 5 years.

There should be zero, ZERO hesitation on this deal! And do it quick while the commissioner is busy with the NBA Draft so he can’t really look at it and deny it. The Celtics are getting gifted with first round picks and need to pull the trigger on them. Wyc and Danny need to say “OK, we’re going to be just okay for 6 years but with first round talent we can handle mediocre.”

We have to move past KG and the Truth and just face it, their run is over. They had a great run while they were here, and should have the Celtics as the main jerseys in the Hall of Fame and will forever be honored in Boston. However we can’t keep telling them to stick in it one more year because they are Celtic greats. Bobby Orr had to be let go, Nomar, Vinateri, and many more had to leave before they became the enemy.

However they will be the enemy in the Brooklyn Nets. That’s besides the point because the Nets will be garbage once the “new” Celtics are contenders again.

In making this trade and the draft pick trade tonight, they have just said that the Celtics are now Rondo’s team.

I’m fine with it, and I hope we suck next year we need the lottery.


Eh, What’s Up Doc?

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We had the trade, then we didn’t, we had hope, then David Stern, we had a future… aaaaaaaand its gone.

and_it_s_gone_by_celeith-d5div3yThe Doc to LA trade is officially dead, and so is the Celtics’ franchise.

I am so pessimistic about this non-deal that it isn’t an opinion to me. To me, it’s a fact that the Celtics’ will never get banner 18. They sure as hell won’t with these players, without Doc as a coach, while I’m still adamant about being a fan. The franchise is dead, face it.

The deal that would’ve brought a young center and a few draft picks fell through and now we have…. Fab Friggin’ Melo. The draft is garbage players this year and unless we trade to get a possible lottery pick next year I don’t see talent coming to Boston wearing green soon.

The Celtics are going to be stuck in the 30-40 win cycle because they don’t quite suck and will always be 7-8-9 in the standings and won’t get lottery talent. Unless of course Stern wants to win a great, original, fanbase back by ahem rigging the draft. Such was the case for New York for Patrick Ewing.

Then again Boston could host the All-Star game in the future and have the people and fans win over the players. That is if we don’t heckle the shit out of Lebron or Kobe. We are the most passionate fans in all of the Nation. Fact.

The Celtics have lost their window and should’ve taken a simple trade to get rid of KG and get Jordan, forget about Doc, just get that contract out of here.

One other option is bring back Doc, trade Rondo and sign CP3. He wants to be with Doc, so hey, make a go for it.


Trade Talk

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We finally got a win, I mean it seems like its been ages since the Bruins came to play. They didn’t exactly “come to play” tonight though, they just are a more talented team than the Sabres.


Tomorrow is April first, and although the Flames pulled an early April fool’s day joke on us with the Iginla “trade.”

Well no worries because, hey, puck don’t lie, and Crosby is out for a while. Oh oh, or karma’s a bitch huh?

The Bruins need a forward that is apparent and it is of utter importance that they trade to get a slick top 6 forward who is not afraid to stick up for himself and teammates.

Guys like that have been locked up long term and are on teams that have what the Bruins can trade, which is goaltending.

Yes, they have goalies to trade, Tuukka Rask being the biggest chip to trade. He can get the Bruins a talent now and perhaps a prospect or pick later. He is very young and talented. The thing is the Bruins also have talented goalies, Khudobin, Svedberg and Subban all having considerable talent. And are also young.

The way Khudobin performed tonight looks like he could take a load of the starts if necessary.

I say, trade Rask for the highest bidder and see what Khudobin can do, and what the newly acquired talent can score for him.

It couldn’t hurt could it?

Subban looks like he’ll only need 2 years to get up here, and that’s about the time that Seidenberg and Chara will really decline so its more that we need some scoring more than anything.

The Bruins need to make a trade and I can’t preach that any more than I have. Possible targets could be St. Louis (not for Rask one up), but he would help the dreadful powerplay and right the 3rd line.

I don’t know much about AHL prospects and the other team’s ones at that; but the Bruins could try to stand pat and see how their very own players could do.

No time like the present right?

Anyway, I got distracted and have some work to get done. They need to make a trade somehow, end of story.


+ The picture is of Crosby breaking his jaw and losing several teeth…